Date: 1st February 2021 at 5:20pm
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Celtic fans have been reacting to a tweet from Supporter Liaison Officer John Paul Taylor regarding the goings-on at the .

Supporters were promised back in December, when the club released a statement about Neil Lennon that there would be a review into his performances ‘in the New Year’ And whilst results were pretty good in the last month of 2020, they were shocking during the first month of 2021, only winning one game and leaving a 23-point gap between them and the SPFL summit.

This has led to many angry supporters amongst the Parkhead faithful, and they have turned their attention to Taylor they demand to find out what the results of the January review were. However, he responded that whilst he has been trying to get something out of the club, there is still yet to be anything concrete about when the review will be published.

This did not sit well with the supporters, who whilst praising Taylor for his best efforts to keep fans updated, slammed the board for their lack of urgency in keeping the supporters updated at matters, especially with pressure continuing to mount on Lennon:

“This is a disgrace. Deliberately ignoring this in the hope that it goes away as they have decided just to stick with him and know it’ll cause civil war. The board should be strung up for their actions. Feel awful for you JP”

“I’ve a wee suspicion that the club urnie doin a January review at all. It was just a ploy to shut us up for a couple of months. Sneaky sneaky”
“You’re efforts put the club to shame”

“It’s very unfair that the club are allowing you to with things. I really feel for you & you deserve much better. Luckily most or all fans no you do your best for the club & fans”

“Feel for you majorly JP, been left to deal with the fans whilst the ones who should be answering the questions cower and hide. Treated with nothing but contempt from the board, the fans have never felt so disconnected.”
“The celtic employee who consistently deserves our respect.”

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The old adage is ‘where there’s no smoke, there’s no fire’, but given the noise around Celtic Park right now, you’d be forgiven for believing there is one happening, but they’re just doing their best to keep it under control.