Date: 5th February 2021 at 4:35pm
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Tottenham Hotspur fans have turned on chairman following a recent report about ’s future at the club.

The pressure is starting to ramp up on the Portuguese head coach following a series of bad results that have left Mourinho’s men off the pace when it comes to the race for a European spot. But despite plenty of calls from the supporters to get rid of him, it doesn’t appear as though there are likely to be any plans to do so just yet.

According to a report in The Athletic, “there is little prospect of Levy taking such dramatic and disruptive action in the middle of a season.” It goes on to state that the fact Spurs are still competing in three competitions, have offered Mourinho a lifeline to prove himself on that front rather than just in the .

News which were not happy about, as they called out the chairman for a policy that could end up doing more harm than good to the club:

“He’s got his NFL stadium now so he’s lost interest in the actual footballing side of the football club”

“Because he knows if he sacks Jose he has to go as well. Levy played a huge part in the club getting to where it is now, but I think it’s time for both to move on”

“Hopefully he realises soon that a cup isnt worth it for this. If jose is still in charge by season ticket renewals levy might be in for a shock. Fans won’t pay to watch this nonsense”

“Can Jose sack Levy?”

“Doesnt take a genius to work this out. He will be loathe to pay the compo and what it costs to get a new manager for a start”

“Oh well so much for the fans.”

Should Levy sack Mourinho?





Despite these fans’ concerns, you can understand where Levy is coming from, if he wins all three for instance then you can call that a successful season. It’s what happens if he wins none of them that could be an issue.