Date: 16th February 2021 at 12:05pm
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Tottenham Hotspur have been reacting to comments made by Neville about two of their biggest names.

Gareth Bale and Dele Alli have both had relatively tough times getting into the side this season, whether it be through injury or just not being fancied by head coach Jose , leading to plenty of debate about whether or not they have a future at the club.

Former Premier League defender Neville was the latest person to join in that debate. Speaking on Sky Sports last night, Neville talked about the respective lack of minutes that the two players have been getting and seemed to take issue with their respective attitudes.

With Bale, it was his constant smiling on the bench despite not playing, whereas with Alli: “there’s a reason why his career’s doing what it’s doing, it’s not just Jose Mourinho, ’s got to get over that himself,” according to Neville.

And Spurs fans were quick to agree with the former defender over his comments, as they slammed the two outcasts for their problems over the season, with the Welshman coming in for the most stick:

“Both very lazy players and don’t seem to care, when you come on the pitch you should be sprinting as hard as you can to press the opposition. Both of these just jog around pretending to look like they are trying.”

“Hit the nail on the head there, Gary. Bale, sat there grinning on the bench for seven months thus far, is the most frustrating thing to watch as a Spurs fan. He’s frankly a wage thief. And he’s got a couple of months now to turn it around or Foxtrot Oscar.”
“He’s not wrong. Two players that are too talented, have the ability to get into any top team in Europe. They should be un-dropable, never mind if the manager ‘likes’ them or not. They need to up their game”
“Two players that are finished and also stealing a living”
“Spot on dele started way before Jose”
“Bales on a paid holiday back home. He’s living the easy life avoiding injury for the Euros. Watch him explode for Wales”

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If public opinion is starting to shift against them, and Mourinho’s opinion of them too, then all is certainly not looking well in North London for those two.