Date: 3rd January 2021 at 11:00am
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Newcastle United fans on Twitter have been responding to the latest news surrounding a potential takeover of the Tyneside club. 

This comes after Newcastle journalist Lee Ryder shared a post on his official Twitter page saying that their Saudi takeover bid has got “fresh backing from key figures in Middle East consortium.”

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Easy one to get us underway, in what month during 2019 was Steve Bruce appointed Newcastle manager?

Ryder’s post also contained an article from Chronicle Live that revealed that Jamie Rueben and Amanda Staveley’s husband Mehrdad Ghodoussi have given their thumbs up to Newcastle Consortium Supporters Limited and their recent letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson concerning the previously failed takeover deal on social media.

This post from Ryder then gathered a lot of replies from Newcastle fans who were quick to share their responses to this latest update.

So, what did these Newcastle fans have to say about Ryder’s post on the takeover? 

“Give it a rest, it’s not happening.”


“Here we go again”


“Just leave it, Lee. We’re all sick of it now” 


“Simple thing to say is nothing until it happens. Everyone is fed up with it. We’ve heard the same things for a year now.”


“Here we go again. *Sigh*”


“Premier League are corrupt so won’t happen.”


“Assumption. All paper talk and no actual facts. All because Saudi is trying to fix things with Qatar again. Let’s watch this space”


Looking at the replies to this post, it appears that these Newcastle fans aren’t interested in Rueben and Ghodussi’s apparent support of the NCSL’s letter to the PM.

Do you think the takeover is dead in the water?





With the club currently embroiled in a court case with the Premier League over their refusal to accept or reject the Saudi bid to take over Newcastle, they will need to wait until this comes to an end to get a final answer on the future of the takeover and if it can be revived or not.