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Newcastle United: Fans react to report on club takeover

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Supporters of Newcastle United have been reacting to a report which has emerged regarding the failed takeover bid to buy the club.

According to a report by the Shields Gazette, the Saudi Arabian-backed deal to purchase the club may still have hope despite last week’s announcement stating the contrary.

That announcement revealed that the consortium which included Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund PIF, PCP Capital Partners and Reuben Brothers had ended its £300m bid to take over the club (per BBC).

Supposedly, ‘all three parties’ are still ‘very much at the table’ and there is still hope that they can get a ‘yes’ from the Premier League to take over the Toon.

This report was relayed to supporters on social media by NUFC 360 and it had lots of them talking.

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To get things started a rather easy one. Who scored Newcastle's first league goal of the season?

As also stated by the Shields Gazette, if the Premier League comes back to the consortium with a ‘no’ to their takeover bid, the potential buyers can ‘trigger a challenge, first via the league’s formal appeal process.’

Do you believe that there is still a chance for the takeover of the Toon?

No, we need to move on

No, we need to move on

Yes, it could still happen

Yes, it could still happen

It is also stated in the report that the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia has ’employed an outside body’ to monitor social media channels.

Supposedly, posts containing ‘#NUFC’ and ‘#NUFCTakeover’ on Twitter are ‘particularly prominent’ in their analysis.

As can be seen in these responses from Newcastle supporters, some are unsure as to what the report means for the takeover and others are hopeful that it will still go ahead.

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