Date: 1st August 2020 at 10:35am
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Fans of Newcastle United have been reacting to a post on Twitter, in which Mark Saggers claims that Newcastle United’s mooted takeover isn’t over just yet.

On Thursday, it was announced that Newcastle’s mooted £300million Saudi Arabia-backed takeover was dead in the water after the group behind the bid pulled out of the deal due to the ‘unforeseeably prolonged process‘.

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Starting with an easy one, against which club did Shelvey make his Newcastle debut?

However, despite this fact, Mark Saggers then took to Twitter, stating: “My Newcastle friends and supporters, don’t despair, the Saudis are still very determined.”

After one fan questioned Saggers on his statement, asking how the Saudis could be so determined yet still pull out of the deal, Saggers replied: “It’s not over.”

In reaction to this post, fans of the club have flocked to have their say on the matter, with many agreeing with Saggers, while others simply begged that he is right.

While it very much feels as if the deal is dead – considering how Amanda Staveley, a prominent figure in the deal, stated that she was “devastated for the fans” after Saudi Arabia’s wealth fund PIF, PCP Capital Partners and Reuben Brothers pulled out of the takeover – it would appear as if Saggers is hinting that there is still hope for the deal to go through.

Do you still have hope that the takeover could be on after Saggers' comments?





However, many Newcastle fans reacted angrily to his post, claiming that he was simply toying with their emotions.

As such, Newcastle fans will simply have to wait and see what comes next in the deal, however, it is our belief that they shouldn’t hold their breath.