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Manchester United: Kieran Maguire on whether Harry Maguire’s trial will impact him financially

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Kieran Maguire has been discussing how Manchester United captain Harry Maguire’s recent actions may impact him and the club going forward during a recent episode of The Price of Football podcast.

It recently emerged that the England defender had been granted a retrial having been granted an appeal against his conviction in Greece for assault and attempted bribery (as per Sky News).

As a result of the recent ongoings, Gareth Southgate has withdrawn the 27-year-old from the national team squad scheduled to take on Iceland and Denmark in the UEFA Nations League next month (as per BBC Sport).

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When discussing whether he or his club would be impacted by the situation from a financial standpoint, here is what the football finance expert had to say:

“I don’t think Manchester United will be hurt overall, they do have, clearly, sponsor arrangements but there’s plenty of other players that if a sponsor says ‘we’d rather Harry Maguire wasn’t shown’ then I’m sure the club would be quite flexible on this.

“From a financial perspective, Harry Maguire could potentially be hit here because what he will have is that if he has any personal sponsor arrangements, there will be what we have known as a ‘bad faith clause’. I wouldn’t worry too much if I was Harry, but it could have an impact upon some of his sundry arrangements in terms of intellectual property rights and things of that nature.”

If found guilty again, should Maguire be stripped of the club captaincy?





TIF Thoughts…

Given that the former Leicester City defender has been granted the opportunity to try and clear his name, we believe that there will be very little impact on Manchester United or the player with regards to their current sponsorship arrangements for the time being. However, we fear that could change depending on the outcome of the retrial.

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