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Sunderland: Fans slate Stewart Donald in reaction to the club’s season card Q&A

Image for Sunderland: Fans slate Stewart Donald in reaction to the club’s season card Q&A

Some Sunderland fans have been slating Stewart Donald in response to a tweet that was recently posted by the club’s official Twitter account that includes a link to a ‘Q&A’ that was posted to the club’s official website, which provides details on the club’s plans with regard to season card refunds. 

As stated in this ‘Q&A’ from the club’s website, Sunderland made an announcement last Friday concerning their supporters’ season cards for the 2019/20 season. This announcement stated that in the event of the current season being completed behind closed doors, “season card holders would be given a free streaming pass for all remaining home fixtures”. 

Following that announcement, this latest post from the club’s website provides some further clarification on this issue – as well as other details relating to their recent announcement. This Q&A notably clarifies that fans who don’t want or can’t access a streaming pass would not be given any further refund. This post also clarifies that only home games will be included in this offer for season card holders.

Plenty of Black Cats fans have been sharing criticism for Donald in response to their club’s tweet sharing this Q&A, with some stating that they don’t think it’s fair to ask supporters to accept a streaming pass instead of a refund.

Do you think that it is unfair to offer fans a streaming pass instead of a refund?





One Sunderland fan stated the club is trying to “rip off fans”, while another supporter claimed that the club is being “driven into the ground”. 

Considering that these fans had paid for their season card with the expectation of being able to attend games, it may be understandable why some might be upset about the fact that their club doesn’t intend to offer them a refund – if the remaining games of the 2019/20 season have to be played behind closed doors. 

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