Celtic: Some Hoops fans discuss concept kit

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Some Celtic fans have been talking about the latest Adidas concept kit that emerged on social media recently.

A page called @ziovisuals recently posted some images of Celtic concept kits for the next season. The post featured home, away and third kits and all of them had the Adidas logo.

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This post attracted many Celtic fans. Some of them felt that the white kit was really good, while others had different opinions about them.

Should this be Celtic's kit for next season?



I don't think so

I don't think so

The club have already reached an agreement with Adidas, who will sponsor their jerseys from next season onwards. Their contract with New Balance was set to run out at the end of the season. The Adidas agreement is a record deal and is the highest of its kind in Scottish sport.

What do we think?

While one fan doesn’t seem to like the concept kits, the others gave positive feedback about it. No one really knows how the Adidas kits next season will look like. But Celtic fans can only hope that the record deal with Adidas pays off and they get some great jerseys.

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