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Wolves: Fans react to Tim Spiers’ Morgan Gibbs-White update

Image for Wolves: Fans react to Tim Spiers’ Morgan Gibbs-White update

Supporters of Wolverhampton Wanderers have been reacting to Tim Spiers’ Twitter update on Morgan Gibbs-White.

On Tuesday, the Daily Mail revealed that the 20-year-old midfielder had broken the UK government’s lockdown rules by attending a party in London.

A day later, the Athletic journalist revealed that there is ‘absolutely no question of him leaving the club’ (per Tim Spiers), which lots of fans reacted to.

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To kick off this quiz on the goings-on with the Old Gold last week, which Bundesliga winger were the club linked with in midweek?

Can you forgive Morgan Gibbs-White for what he did?

Yes, there's a way back

Yes, there's a way back

No, I can't forgive him

No, I can't forgive him

According to the tweet from the journalist, Gibbs-White has also been told to train at home and the player has shown ‘remorse’ for attending the party (per Tim Spiers).

So, with the latest update on the story shared to Wolves fans on social media, they continued airing their thoughts on the 20-year-old.

What do we think?

As can be seen in the responses from Wolves supporters, many are frustrated with the youngster and some believe that he has passed the point of no return, however, others are more forgiving.

A later tweet from Spiers went on to state that there is a feeling of ‘disappointment’ at the club, but Nuno Espirito Santo sees it as a ‘pivotal opportunity’ for Gibbs-White to ‘grow and mature’.

So, it may be better for some supporters to trust in what the club and manager think of the situation.

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