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Manchester City: Fans react to Arsène Wenger’s comments on FFP

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Fans of Manchester City have been reacting to a post on Twitter, which relays comments made by former Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger regarding Newcastle United’s takeover and financial fair play.

Speaking to L’Equipe (via Goal), Wenger, who is FIFA’s head of global football development, stated that he would like to see a loosening of FFP rules for smaller but ambitious clubs, as the current set of rules only benefit the established European elite clubs while hindering potential investments in smaller sides, which he feels is “not normal.”

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In reaction to his comments, which were relayed by City Chief on Twitter, fans of Manchester City have flocked to have their say on the matter, with many criticising Wenger’s apparent change of stance on FFP, and labelling the former Arsenal manager a hypocrite.

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What do we think?

It could be argued that City fans are justified in their claims that Wenger has changed his tune regarding FFP, as, speaking at the Laureus Sports Awards (via the Independent), Wenger had previously backed Manchester City’s two-year ban from European football after they were found to have broken FFP rules, stating: “The rules are what they are and you have to respect them.”

As such, the fact that Wenger has now suggested that he would like to see a change to the rules around financial fair play could indeed be viewed as slightly hypocritical.

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