Celtic: Some Hoops fans talk about Johnston

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Some Celtic have been talking about Mikey Johnston and they feel that he will surprise some people next season.

Celtic1967.com recently posted on Twitter, asking about one player that they think will ‘surprise a few people’ in the next campaign for the Hoops.

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When did Celtic first sign their current deal with New Balance?

On seeing this, many Celtic made it clear that this tag belongs to Johnston and that he could do well for the Hoops next season.

Will Mikey Johnston win the Young Player of the Year next season?

Yes, I think so

Yes, I think so

Too early to say

Too early to say

While Johnston dominated the replies, some used the opportunity to poke fun at certain players.

While Johnston made his Celtic debut back in the 2016/17 season, the 21-year-old has made only 48 appearances over the last four seasons. He has scored 11 goals for the senior side, assisting eight times (via Transfermarkt).

What do we think?

Johnston’s appearances tally suggests that he hasn’t been used enough since he made his debut, but he hasn’t played since suffering an MCL injury a few months ago.

This shows that injury issues may have hindered his progress in recent months and once he’s back to full fitness, he can show his true abilities. The comments of Celtic show that they truly believe that Johnston is on his way to becoming an integral part of the side.

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