Rangers: These fans debate what Steven Gerrard needs to change

Image for Rangers: These fans debate what Steven Gerrard needs to change

Rangers have had a poor start to 2020. They have already lost three games and drawn two more. Between the start of the season and the new year, Rangers only lost three and drew seven competitive matches. They have only played 13 games in 2020, however.

This suggests that, while the side looked near unbeatable at the beginning of the season, sides are beginning to understand Steven Gerrard’s tactics. In his pre-match press conference on Tuesday, the manager suggested that he was looking for new tactics and strategies to utilise going forward.

“The staff work tirelessly to find solutions and we always analyse the good and bad. We always look at areas to improve whether that be individuals, tactics, strategies,” said Gerrard (Rangers).

However, many fans think that there needs to be more passion shown by the players. They don’t think stale tactics are the problem.

How will Gerrard line up against Hamilton?





On the other hand, there are many fans who agree that he should switch things up tactically. However, they are doubtful he will stray from his 4-3-3.

What do we think?

Perhaps Gerrard will switch up his tactics tonight against Hamilton. If he loses this match, it will be his first back-to-back loss this season.

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