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Newcastle: Fans react to club’s tweet

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A lot of Newcastle United fans have taken to Twitter to respond to the Toon’s progress in the #UltimateQuaranTeam FIFA tournament.

Newcastle, represented by @PlanetToast1, beat Gillingham 3-0 in the first-round and then beat Nantes 1-0 in their game on the 25th of March.

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Who is Newcastle's top goalscorer in the league?

2,500 fans tuned in to watch as an Andy Carroll goal in a replay sealed the Toon’s progress.

This has led to many Toon fans responding to this tweet.

What do we think?

In the absence of football, Newcastle have decided to tweet about this FIFA tournament, and judging by the replies to this tweet; many Toon fans are actually becoming invested in this run.

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Andy Carroll has been on fire as he scored a hat-trick in the first round and then the winner in this one – which is ironically four more goals than he has scored this season.

We think that this FIFA tournament is a good idea, and it is good to see so many Newcastle fans invested in it.

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