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Sunderland: Stewart Donald’s words buy him time with these fans

Image for Sunderland: Stewart Donald’s words buy him time with these fans

Sunderland Club owner Stewart Donald spoke to BBC Radio Newcastle about the club’s recent ‘financial arrangement’ with American investors. The owner demystified the situation surrounding the arrangement, ensuring fans that the agreement poses no risk to the actual club or fans.

Donald explained that the agreement was made between the investors and Madrox Partners, Donald’s holding company. A failure to repay the would essentially result in a change in club ownership. FPP Sunderland will take control of the club and it’s assets, assuming the repayment isn’t made. He ensured fans that this wasn’t a loan being taken out from the club, but the whole scenario surrounding the arrangement is still a bit confusing (Sunderland Echo).

Fans responded to Donald’s statements on Twitter. There were many fans who appreciated the honesty of the CEO and his willingness to discuss the situation publicly. They even blame other fans for the continued scepticism of Donald.

After the interview with Donald, fans are turning their attention towards the players, suggesting that they will be the ones to earn them promotion at the end of the day.

What do we think?

There were plenty of other fans in the Twitter threads that were still critical of Donald. With on the field performances being so poor, he is never going to escape it. But with his openness and willingness to talk, Donald has seemed to calm the nerves of some supporters. For now, at least.

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