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Sunderland: Fans upset with yet another rescheduled game

Image for Sunderland: Fans upset with yet another rescheduled game

Sunderland Football Club announced on Twitter that the club’s upcoming match versus Bristol Rovers was going to be rescheduled. The decision to reschedule was based on a few players earning international callups.

The news came with mixed reactions from fans, with many of whom the decision to postpone comes as a large inconvenience. For these supporters, there was no mention of ticket refunds, however many were more concerned with all the money spent on accommodations and travel.

But other fans saw the value of rescheduling when the first choice keeper was set to be unavailable.

One fan is just concerned about the fixture pileup that the club are bound to face later on in the season.

What do we think?

Logistically, rescheduled matches are always going to be a pain for supporters. There is a fine line between making the best decision for the team’s chances of winning and doing what is best for your fans. On this occasion, however, Sunderland seems to have one foot on each side of that line. One thing is for certain; to make his worthwhile, they have to win.

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