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Sunderland: Fans react as club hits yet another rock bottom

Image for Sunderland: Fans react as club hits yet another rock bottom

Sunderland will officially go a whole month without a win after the team lost to Burton on Tuesday. Parkinson’s last win came on 2nd November against Southend United. The team don’t play again until 7th December against Gillingham. The loss marked an astonishing ninth game without a victory in the managers 11 games in charge.

To many fans, this is the lowest they have ever been. However, one fan account, The Red & White Army, reflected on the season prior. They indicate that there was a similar feeling around the Stadium of Light last year. They feel as if they are going down a slippery slope, where new rock bottoms emerge constantly. Fans shared this sentiment.

Do you think this is Sunderland’s rock bottom?

Is this Sunderland's rock bottom?





One suggests that the players have downed tools since the new manager has come in, while another indicates that the club is on life support.

While one fan says the moral inside the club is the lowest it has ever been, another says the atmosphere in the stadium is non-existent.

What do we think?

It appears that when things look like they can only get better at Sunderland FC, they somehow manage to get worse. Whether it’s down to the players, the manager or the ownership, there is a fundamental problem. They can’t win football matches, and that’s not good enough for fans.

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