Date: 26th November 2019 at 6:52pm
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When Burnley striker Chris Wood was speaking on Goals on Sunday, he had some honest comments regarding the Leeds United fan base.

Woods comments were relayed by twitter account LUFCMOT, he said: “When they are behind you & they love you they are one of the fans in the country. But if they don’t take to you or have a bit of a hold against you they will let you know about it & they let you know it very loudly & very vocally.”

This doesn’t sound too dissimilar to many fan bases in England, as most fans will definitely let you know about your mistakes during a match.

However, these fans took the comment very well, most of them actually agreeing with the former Leeds striker.

Some fans reckon Wood would be able to break into Marcelo Bielsa’s side today, which would be an interesting dynamic to see Bamford and Wood playing side by side.

What Do We Think?

Fans will always be vocal about players because at the end of the day it’s the fans that pay to watch them play every week. Patrick Bamford recently went on a 10-game goal drought, however, not too many of the fans turned on him despite the importance of goals from your striker, which says a lot about how much the fans Bamford.