Date: 24th April 2019 at 11:01am
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Simon Jordan has launched an extraordinary attack on the current crop of Man United players, labelling them a “disparate group of cheats”. 

The talkSPORT pundit was talking on the Jim White Show (Wednesday, 10am), when he claimed that the players were not fit to play for Man United and that they were letting manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer down.

“They are a bunch of disparate cheats”, Jordan said. Asked about Paul Pogba in particular he said, “I would have put him in a cab a long time ago. I think Man United are one of the greatest clubs in the world…”

Jim White questioned the word “cheats” and said he thought it was too strong, but Jordan wasn’t backing down.

“Well, it’s an opinion and you’ll come round to my way of thinking eventually because I’m right.”


Cheats is a very strong word to use that has unfortunate connotations, especially as there has been a lot of talk about whether Man United will “help” Man City win the title tonight to stop bitter rivals Liverpool from landing to the title. Jordan is talking about players not giving their all for the club and not performing for their manager. You can say that it’s semantics but we’d prefer the discourse around football was a bit more respectful. You can dig players out for not performing, but to label them cheats is too strong. We have no doubt that fans will see the proper Man United tonight. A derby will always stir passions and United’s fans and their manager will be demanding a reaction after the awful 4-0 hammering against Everton at the weekend. Liverpool fans will be conflicted but we imagine the majority will be supporting United and hoping their rivals can do them a huge favour.