Some Chelsea fans drool over Hazard for Belgium

Image for Some Chelsea fans drool over Hazard for Belgium


It looks like Chelsea player Hazard is just as good for Belgium as he is for his club in this 3-1 win over Russia on Thursday. He scored the two goals that helped his country win this first European Championship qualifier, and it is no surprise that the Chelsea fans have been drooling over his display. Belgium can always rely on him to deliver the goods just like he does for the on a regular basis, and he has proved exactly that here. One supporter said that he is carrying his country and his team, and to be honest, they do have a point. He is arguably each party’s star player, and both of them would not be as good as they are without him. Hazard will only get better for Belgium as the break goes on, and that will be exciting to see. One thing is for sure, Chelsea fans will be hoping that he replicates this form when he returns.

This is Futbol has rounded up some of the best tweets below:

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