Sutton trolling probably has Rangers fans agreeing with him

Image for Sutton trolling probably has Rangers fans agreeing with him


In predictable fashion Chris Sutton attempted to wind-up Rangers fans after they dropped points at the weekend while Celtic racked up another win but his attempt will no doubt backfire on this occasion.

The outspoken pundit was on BBC Radio 5 Live on Sunday evening following Celtic’s 1-0 win over Kilmarnock and seemed to be attempting to push Gers fans’ buttons by slamming Steven Gerrard for claiming the title race is over following his side only getting a 0-0 draw with St Johnstone.

“The title race is over Steven Gerrard said and that’s not what Rangers fans will want to be hearing from their manager, he came up to win silverware and it looks like they’re not going to win anything this season,” said Sutton on BBC Radio 5 Live (Sunday February 17th, 18:00 – 18:07).

“Is that good enough for Rangers? IS IT?

“It looks like the title is over, Steven Gerrard has written off Rangers’ title hope, was he right to do that, is that what you want to hear as a Rangers fan? I’m not so sure it is.”

While the outspoken pundit clearly attempting to get under the skin of Gers’ supporters in order to get them to phone in, this act will no doubt backfire as they will surely agree with him on this occasion.

It may be rare for Gers supporters to sing from the same hymn sheet as Sutton due to his Celtic connections, but Gerrard’s remarks about the title race can’t have sat well with the Ibrox faithful.

After only managing a 0-0 draw with St Johnstone, Gerrard spoke very clearly about his side’s league title chance this season.

“Right now forget titles and forget closing gaps, the reality is to perform like that across the board in front of 50,000, well there’s your evidence…,” Gerrard fumed, as quoted by Sky Sports.

“You don’t need me to say this, that or the other.

“If you have a group of lads and they give you that when they’ve got the chance to close the gap to three points, when you have Aberdeen, Kilmarnock and the rest breathing down your neck, that’s not what’s required at Rangers when you’ve got the chance to close the gap. You’re miles away from it.”

Gerrard may not have dismissed his side’s chance of lifting other trophies, his tearing apart of his squad was damning enough to suggest he didn’t exactly have confidence in them to bring success anytime soon.

Gers fans may have realistically not expected Gerrard to instantly win trophies this season at Ibrox but throwing in the towel and criticising his squad in such a way, doesn’t help anyone, nor is a message Rangers supporters should be made to accept.

Therefore while Sutton clearly was trying to get under the skin of Gers fans, he more likely to find them agreeing with him rather than them being riled up by his attempt.

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