McFadden remarks on Rodgers exit

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James McFadden revealed he didn’t think had left Celtic in a bad position after leaving to manage Leicester City.

The Sky Sports pundit revealed that thought were in a good position to win the treble-treble but understood why Celtic fans were left disappointed by the manager’s departure.

McFadden added that due to the way Rodgers spoke about the club, it made it sound like he was at Celtic for the long haul but instead he had left at the first chance.

“The banner that was displayed, I don’t think that’s right because he’s done well and won seven trophies and they’re in a good position to go and win the treble-treble,” McFadden told Sky Sports.

“I don’t think he’s left them in a bad position but from the fans’ point of view, they would have liked for him to stay and see out the season, finish his job there and leave on better terms.

“They’re disappointed because of the kind of language that he used when he took over. He was a Celtic fan, it was his dream job, he was happy here and here for the long haul – those type of phrases. And then he leaves at the first chance.”


Interim Celtic manager Neil Lennon is probably licking his lips at the state Rodgers has left the in as by all accounts they should go on to add to the cabinet. currently sit eight points clear at the top of the table and it would take a massive drop in form for them to miss out on the league title. However the Hoops do seem set to be in a mess when the summer comes. Firstly the need to find the right manager to take them forward, as that might not be Lennon, and have to strengthen several areas of the team. Celtic’s squad has a few loan and once they return to their parent clubs, the Hoops are going to need replacements. Also after struggling in Europe under Rodgers, whether that be Europa League or Champions League, clearly players capable of helping the progress in those competitions need to arrive. That’s not an easy task as they’re the sort of players who’d cost a pretty penny, but if the club want to move forward, money needs to be invested in the squad.

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