Date: 24th February 2019 at 6:30am
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Many Tottenham fans will fear the bubble has burst for midfielder Moussa Sissoko after his performance in the 2-1 loss to Burnley.

While several Spurs players weren’t at their best given, it’s the display of the 29-year-old that will have supporters a little concerned especially after Jamie Redknapp singled him out.

“You end up with a midfield of Sissoko and Eriksen (once Harry Winks went off) and I would say neither of them are defensive-minded players,” said Redknapp on Sky Sports Premier League (Saturday February 23rd, 14:39pm).

“This was the problem with the goal for me, Sissoko goes and presses the ball, just keep your eye on him, he doesn’t recover Gudmundsson, the ball is kept alive, it’s ugly, and again Sissoko is not in a position where he should be alongside Gudmundsson.

“You’ve got Eriksen now, should he go with this next ball, Cork wants it more and then you have a major problem.

“From then on his touch is brillant, Eriksen needs to make a foul but doesn’t, you’ve got your front two up there causing major problems and then he (Ashley Barnes) gets into a great position to score.”

Redknapp does also throw criticism Christian Eriksen way but he clearly believes Sissoko switching off and not tracking his man is what led to Barnes scoring for Burnley in order to get his side a win.

The Sky pundit does seem to cover for the Spurs midfielder slightly by claiming he isn’t a defensive-minded player and seems to shift the blame on to Mauricio Pochettino by judging the decision to substitute Harry Winks.

However Sissoko has shown in his 30 appearance this season he is defensive capable and more then adept as using his power to win the midfield battle for his side.

Pochettino has been given every reason to trust the 29-year-old do his defensive duties well and in reality the midfielder should be condemned for dropping the ball.

Spurs fans will be concerned that perhaps Sissoko’s run of good form this season, where he has gone from zero to hero, has come to a dramatic end as he looked on the verge of being the liability he was in 2017/18 campaign.

With form always being considered temporary, Spurs fans will likely fear that Sissoko may have regressed in to his old bad habits and will no doubt be watching him closely in the coming weeks.