Date: 12th January 2019 at 1:45pm
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Andrea Radrizzani has rounded on ’s critics on Twitter as he called for the “zoom” of observers to be on his team’s “fantastic football” amid the spy storm engulfing the club.

The United owner delivered a passionate defence of the Championship leaders in a message on his personal Twitter account as he described Marcelo Bielsa’s decision to spy on Derby County at their training ground as a “little accident”.

Radrizzani claimed the focus from the media and across the nation on Thursday’s training ground incident “is taking away attention from what really matters” and that is the “well deserved” results of the team.


Nice try, Andrea. The focus of the nation would not be on Leeds’ gamesmanship – others claim it is blatant cheating – were it not for Bielsa’s decision to send a club employee with a pair of binoculars and pliers to watch Derby in training and trespass on privately owned ground. To his credit, the Argentine has held his hand up and admitted he is solely responsible for the spygate scandal and any criticism must go his way rather than that of his club. Leeds have had plenty of praise this season, as has Bielsa, for the team’s watchable playing style and their success in defying a middling budget and never-ending injury crisis to top England’s second tier. Radrizzani is way off the mark in claiming that spying and disrupting opponents on the eve of the game is a “little accident”. It was a very deliberate act aimed solely at taking sporting advantage. Radrizzani should be apologising publicly, not wailing about his club not getting the credit they deserve.