Poch revelation could lead to fan unrest

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There’s a narrative among many Spurs fans that the reason the club isn’t signing players is that Daniel Levy won’t release the funds for his manager.

However, Harry Redknapp seemed to give the lie to that in some remarkable comments on talkSPORT.

Redknapp claimed, “I don’t think Poch wants anyone,” before claiming that the club had come up with players for him to sign but had been knocked back.

“He’s not been desperate. People tell me they [the club] have come up with players but he likes a small squad and he’s happy. He feels like he’s got players there who can come in.”

If Redknapp’s remarks are true then it sounds like it’s the other way round – that the club have been suggesting players and that Redknapp has been knocking them down.

That would fit in with another claim made by a journalist on Monday, the Daily Mail’s Ian Ladyman, who claimed that Pochettino was “never really sold on Grealish” despite a seemingly summer-long chase for the Aston Villa player.

It would also fit in with Pochettino’s comments about not being able to find players that could improve his team. Many fans thought this was an excuse from Pochettino with no money actually available, but it seems that this isn’t the case.

Yes, Daniel Levy is well known for driving a hard bargain and he won’t pay over the odds for players.

But it seems that there is willing on the club’s side to sign new players. And the resistance, if all these bits of evidence add up, is that Pochettino is the stumbling block.

That won’t make the fans happy and it could end up with the unthinkable, with fans turning on the manager they see as fast becoming a legend in north London.

He’s transformed the team, there’s no doubt about that, but is he the one who’s now blocking progress with his stubborn attitude towards transfers?

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