Caixinha: Pena can still be a success at Rangers

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Former Rangers boss Pedro has claimed that outcast Carlos Pena still has the ability to become a success at the Ibrox.

The 28-year-old had his loan deal at Mexican outfit Necaxa terminated two months early after failing to make any sort of contribution during his spell there.

However, despite the failings of Pena, has still tipped him to make something of himself under Steven Gerrard as he has “tremendous potential”.

“I hope that when Carlos goes back to Scotland, he can recover his career. He is still not yet 30 and has plenty of time to still have a great career,” he said, as quoted by the Daily Record.

“Carlos has tremendous potential and he’s a great person. He deserves better and if he asks me for any advice about going back to Rangers I will happily give him some.

“It hurts me to see him in this position because I had the opportunity to bring him to Rangers and then Cruz Azul so I gave him two opportunities.”


Every player deserves a chance to make something of themselves at their parent club, but it looks like is a victim of wishful thinking here. If Pena cannot hack it out in Mexico how will he possibly convince Gerrard that he is up to the job at Rangers? The will no doubt be in hysterics following this outlandish claim, as there is no chance that Pena will wear a club shirt again after his miserable contribution this season. Rangers need to gather momentum in the league and there is no chance that they will do that if Pena was chosen to start. There is a reason why his loan club terminated his contract early, and Gerrard no doubt recognises this. He is wise enough not to jeopardise their season by introducing the 30-year-old into the mix – so for the moment, can keep his bizarre claims to himself.

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