Everton eye profit off Besic sale

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Everton are looking at picking up a profit of up to £3million through the sale of defensive midfielder Mo Besic this summer, according to journalist Adam Jones.

The Liverpool Echo reporter, talking to the Teeside Gazette over the Bosnian’s potential return to Middlesbrough this summer, claims that after having picked up the central enforcer for £4million in 2014, the sale of the 25-year-old is likely, but that a price tag of £7million could be demanded as the Toffees look to make money.

The 31 cap international star has only made 56 appearances for the club in his four year stint, eight of those coming during the last campaign before being shipped off to Boro on loan.

Good move for Everton?

If the Toffees can force some sort of profit out of Besic’s sale, then it is a good piece of business.

He has no part to play at Goodison Park any more, and there should be a long line of suitors queuing up to try and seal a deal.

There should be no issue in recouping the fee spent on his capture four years ago, but whether they can demand a fee of £7million remains to be seen.

A good move for both player and club if it comes off.

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Likely to happen? 

Everton may well have to lessen their demands if they are to get Besic off the books, but there could still be a profit to be made.

What they should be doing is including clauses and bonuses, such as sell on agreements, which means that no matter what, they make money from his exit.

Still, his exit seems almost an inevitability, and it is just where he ends up that is the question to be answered.

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