PCP Partners group in data room stage of takeover, Staveley no-show not an issue

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The Chronicle’s Lee Ryder has reported that Newcastle talks with Amanda Staveley and her PCP group are ongoing and that nothing should be read into the financier’s no-show at St James’ Park on Saturday. 

Newcastle beat Crystal Palace 1-0 in the Premier League on Saturday and while cameras were trained at the director’s box hoping for a glimpse of Staveley, Ryder has claimed in the Chronicle that she had never intended to go to the game.

The report also claims that her PCP group signed an NDA 10 days ago and are one of five interested parties in the takeover process.

The deal is now in the Due Diligence Data Room stage, where relevant documents are studied by the interested parties before they come up with their offers.

It is said that this stage could last for up to a month before any formal offers are made.


Newcastle fans are desperate for the takeover to go through and see Staveley as the front runner in the process. They would have been hoping to see her at the game yesterday but it is claimed that she wants to keep a low profile now the process has begun. Any worries from fans that this means the takeover talks are not going well should be assured by this latest report that things are still on track. But the process will take time and it could be a few weeks before anything more concrete is known. Talk has been made that it could be wrapped up by Christmas and that would signify a fast turnaround for a huge deal like this. It would also be a wonderful Christmas present for Newcastle fans around the world. 

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