Should Arsenal snap up this £20m Premier League superstar?

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Petr CechIf you ask Arsene Wenger, he’ll tell you that he has two great keepers that he can call upon. Whether he truly believes that, however, remains to be seen.

Wojciech Szczesny’s mentality has been called into question one too many times now. His propensity for making costly errors has always been a problem, but his smoking misdemeanor is a serious stain on his character. It’s the kind of thing that could see him sidelined for quite some time.

Then there’s David Ospina, who has plenty of experience and doesn’t tend to make mistakes. He’s a good judge of when to come and collect the ball and he (generally) holds onto it pretty well.

Unfortunately, there are some flaws to his game. He punches too often (when he should be catching) and his distribution from the back is poor. When you’ve got a keeper who struggles to kick the ball past the half way line, you know you’ve got an issue.

There has to be a reason why The Gunners continue to pick up links to Chelsea’s second choice goalkeeper, Petr Cech. Is this evidence that Arsene Wenger is in the market for another option?

Cech is currently playing second fiddle to Thibaut Courtois, but he’s still widely regarded as one of the best keepers in the Premier League. He’s got a huge amount of experience at every level, he’s a natural shot-stopper, he’s a leader, he’s got a great mentality and he communicates well with the defenders in front of him.

According to The Metro, Chelsea’s asking price for Petr Cech is £20m. On the face of it, that seems to be a lot of money to spend on a 32-year-old. Still, it’s worth bearing in mind that goalkeepers have a longer shelf-life than out-field players. Cech still has a good four-or-five years left at the very top level.

Whether Jose Mourinho will be willing to sell to a rival remains to be seen, but here’s hoping that Arsene Wenger is ready to test the waters this summer.

What’s your take? Could Arsenal really seal a deal to sign Chelsea star Petr Cech?

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