Is Harry Kane everything he’s cracked up to be?

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Harry Kane 1Harry Kane has been attracting a lot of attention this season and with good reason. The man has been in startlingly good fettle. He looks like the man that Spurs have been lacking for so long: a quality striker who provides a focal point for his team and seems to score goals for fun.

When you contrast Kane to a player like Roberto Soldado, the differences are there for all to see. Soldado is a good finisher (when he’s not under pressure), but he lacks competitive edge and he’s not a battler. He doesn’t want to score as much as Harry Kane and for that reason, he’s starting to fall out of favour at White Hart Lane.

After a series of mixed-bag loan moves to clubs like Leyton Orient, Millwall, Norwich City and Leicester City, he returned to Spurs at the start of the season to fight for his place in the team. The results speak for them self: he’s scored 23 goals in 35 games.

Paul Scholes has taken note of the youngster. It looks like he’s impressed:

“I have said before his finishing reminds me of Ruud. The thing about Ruud was that he never wanted to give the keeper a sniff. Kane is the same. Kane does not have one standout quality but he scores highly across a number of different categories. The more I watch him, the more I appreciate his temperament. You are under scrutiny playing up front and Kane seems to deal with it easily.” (Source: The Star)

It takes a lot to attract the attention of a player like Scholes, so Kane must be doing something right. Still, I’m a little worried that everybody is getting a bit carried away with the on-going Harry Kane love-in. The man’s been excellent this year, but to truly establish himself, he needs to produce the goods in Europe, on the international scene and for at least two seasons.

He’s well on the way to being a major world-class talent. In the meantime, let’s not heap too much pressure on his shoulders.

What’s your take? Is Harry Kane everything he’s cracked up to be?

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