How long will Alexis Sanchez stay with The Gunners?

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Alexis SanchezAccording to Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo (via The Metro), Alexis Sanchez is now ready to quit Arsenal, after less than a season with the club. Wouldn’t it be odd if the Chilean were to turn up, flip everybody’s wig, impress again and again and then make a rapid exit? This kind of swift turn-around is practically unheard of in world football.

The aforementioned source suggests that Alexis Sanchez has grown increasingly frustrated with the attention that’s being poured over Santi Cazorla. The Spanish sensation has scored 6 goals in his last 10 games and has been enjoying some of the best form of his entire career. He’s fleet of foot, technically gifted and he can move the ball about with both feet. Best of all, he’s got an incredible knack for picking out the kind of pass that can turn a game on its head.

It’s easy to see why somebody might be jealous of Santi Cazorla. He’s one of the Premier League’s best. But would a player like Alexis Sanchez ever have the capacity for envy on this scale? I highly doubt it. For a start, the Chilean is just as good, if not better. And let’s not forget, they operate in different areas of the pitch, with Cazorla down the middle and Sanchez down the flanks.

As such, there’s no real overlap and there’s no danger that the little Spaniard will nab Sanchez’s space in the first team.

Finally, let’s not forget that Alexis Sanchez used to play for a team called Barcelona, who had and still have a little-known talent called Lionel Messi among their ranks. Are we really to believe that he didn’t get jealous of the Argentine ace during his three year stay at the Nou Camp, but is already sick of Santi Cazorla after just a few months?

Let’s treat this rumour with all the respect it deserves, assume it was a slow news day at the time and move on.

I expect that Alexis Sanchez will be an Arsenal footballer for many years to come.

What’s your take? How long will Arsenal manage to keep hold of Alexis Sanchez?

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