Has Jack Wilshere been caught red-handed one too many times?

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Jack Wilshere - ArsenalSome people don’t seem to learn, do they? How about Arsenal midfielder, Jack Wilshere. He’s been caught smoking twice before and voiced his regret on both occasions. But it looks like this was all a show. The English midfielder has been caught at it again.

A few days ago a picture was put onto Instagram that showed Jack Wilshere with a bevy of girls, another guy and with a shisha pipe in his hands. He was caught red-handed. The fact that he was pulling a silly, Zoolander-esque face in the picture compounded the issue. He didn’t look sheepish, or anxious. He looked determined.

In most cases, I would have called this a simple error of judgement on the part of Jack Wilshere. Footballers need to look after their bodies, but everyone’s allowed one or two slip ups. But here’s the problem: as I’ve mentioned, this is now the third time that Jack Wilshere’s been at it. He really hasn’t learned from the mistakes of his (recent) past.

This image is a tiny act of betrayal for all the Arsenal fans who have backed him for so long.

This begs the question: will Jack Wilshere ever fulfill his potential at The Emirates? Could his career be at risk?

The main problem that the 23-year-old faces is his injury record. Every time he looks like he’s finding form, he picks up a knock and ends up getting sidelined for a pro-longed period of time. He’s never really been able to build up a head of steam, or show what he can do when he’s given a run of games with the club.

But his lack of discipline won’t help. If he wants to be given opportunities to play ahead of talented players like Aaron Ramsey, Santi Cazorla, Mesut Ozil, Tomas Rosicky and co. (players who work hard and look after their bodies well – as far as we know), he needs to smarten up.

I’m sure that there are plenty of other clubs who would take him, but he doesn’t want to earn a reputation as somebody who wont fall in line and listen to his manager. I’d estimate that he’s about one more slip-up away from disaster.

What’s your take? Has Jack Wilshere gone too far now?

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