Has Brendan Rodgers got his priorities right?

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Brendan RodgersLiverpool’s mid-week victory over Bolton in the FA Cup wasn’t particularly impressive. After all, they were losing for the majority of the second half and had to rely on Raheem Sterling and a few dubious decisions for them to end up winning 2-1.

With The Reds also looking to go all the way in the Europa League this season, Brendan Rodgers has been in a bullish mood. When asked what he thought his side could achieve this season, he answered as follows:

‘We feel as though anything is possible going into the final months of the season. We are in a European competition and in the FA Cup, we can get to the final. We can also challenge for the top four and beyond that as well. It’s important to retain our focus and concentration, and work as hard as we have been doing, but those are the objectives for the forthcoming months.’ (Source: The Metro)

It’s all very well talking up the FA Cup and the Europa League, but it strikes me that the Premier League is a lot more important for Liverpool. I only hope that Brendan has his priorities right. He simply can’t afford to stretch his squad too thin over the coming months.

After the way Liverpool started this season, I can understand Brendan Rodger’s enthusiasm at his current situation. His team finally seems to have found some form and they’re now managing to eek out results.

But The Reds still have a big job to do. After what Liverpool achieved last season, they need to back up their success with further success. They need to establish themselves as Champions League regulars (giving them access to the financial fortitude that comes with this status).

If Premier League success means resting players for Europa League games or even FA Cup games (where I’d argue that Manchester United or Arsenal are currently favourites), then so be it. Anything other than Champions League football next season would be considered a let down.

What’s your take? Will The Reds be back among the European elite next season? How should Brendan Rodgers prioritise the second half of the season?

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