Arsenal target would cut his wage-demands for move: should Wenger snap him up?

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KhediraEarlier this summer The Gunners were linked strongly to Real Madrid’s defensive midfielder, Sami Khedira. At one stage the deal looked very close, but it never managed to come to fruition. Naturally enough, Arsenal fans were disappointed and the stories linking the German with a move to The Emirates stopped popping up.

Still, there’s no doubt that The Gunners could use another player in this position. With Mathieu Flamini and Mikel Arteta both getting on in years (and looking comparatively slight, when placed alongside other Premier League midfielders), this is an issue that Arsenal will need to deal with eventually.

Since Sami Khedira seemingly priced himself out of a transfer, The Gunners have started to pick up links to Southampton midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin and Sporting Lisbon’s enforcer, William Carvalho.

Disappointingly, neither of these players have the profile, or the ability level of Sami Khedira. That’s why I was delighted to see The Metro claim that the German is willing to drop his wage demands in order to force a move to Arsenal. Could Arsene Wenger get his man yet?

The aforementioned source claims that Khedira was asking for £150k-a-week in wages, but has since reduced this to £134k-a-week. That’s still a lot of money, but it will save Arsenal approximately £832k a year and a couple of million over the course of his contract.

That doesn’t make him a bargain signing by any means, but it makes him one that’s worth considering. If Khedira is willing to change his wage demands to play for Arsenal, then it shows that he’s actually keen for the move to go ahead and that he wants to play under Arsene Wenger (and alongside his compatriots Mesut Ozil, Per Mertesacker and Lukas Podolski).

There’s no word as to how much Real Madrid would want in return for Sami Khedira, but with only a year left on his contract, I’m sure they’ll be prepared to negotiate. Let’s just hope that Arsene Wenger hasn’t turned his attentions to a second rate option.

What’s your take? Could Arsenal still be on the hunt for Sami Khedira?

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  • Niron says:

    Anytime any day, Khdira will stil be best choice for our MD

  • Niron says:

    Anytime any day, Khdira will stil be best choice for our MD

  • Ren Vassilliou says:

    It would be great if the Khedira deal could happen I believe Arsenal could really go on and win the League,However I stringly believe this deal hs now fallen out of bed, I don’t think Wiltshire would be an option for that position and it would be Arsenal Gunho if Arsene decides that’s the way he want’s to go, Either way I believe this is the year of the Gunners,

  • saheed says:

    I believe if wenger can sign sami, leaque belong to arsenal.

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