Could Arsenal really be in the market for Samuel Eto’o?

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Eto'oIf there’s one area where Arsenal currently lack real quality, it’s their strike-force. For a club that is renowned for its flair going forward (particularly since Arsene Wenger has taken charge), this is a strange position for them to be in.

Olivier Giroud is a decent option, but I’m not sure he’s anything more than that. He’s not a leading man. He’s not somebody you can pin a full-blown title tilt on.

Worst still, there’s really no other options. Yaya Sanogo is too young and experienced. Every time he makes an appearance, it’s clear that he’s nervous. His first touch isn’t great and his second touch isn’t much better. I’m sure he’ll improve, but Arsenal certainly can’t afford to rely on him.

And now that Arsenal have let go of Nicklas Bendtner, there’s really nobody else. I’d say it’s about time for Arsene Wenger to splash some cash. The Gunners need some genuine world-class talent to provide support in this position.

This brings me to The Metro‘s claim that Arsenal have been linked with a summer move for Chelsea’s out-of-contract centre-forward, Samuel Eto’o. Say what now?

The source also suggests that Eto’o is desperate to prove that he’s capable of making it in the Premier League (after an average showing last year). Finally, they note that ‘he wants a move to Arsenal’ as he ‘clearly doesn’t want to move flat’. Right.

Let’s take a quick look at Samuel Eto’o’s stats last season. He played 34 games for Chelsea, scoring 12 goals and making 6 assists.┬áHe’s affecting the game in a meaningful way at least once every two matches.

That’s not bad, I suppose, but it’s also a sign of his diminishing returns. In his last season at Inter Milan he scored 37 goals and made 15 assists. But now he’s 33-years-old and he’s starting to slow down. He’s also starting to become less and less effective.

Arsenal don’t want to be stuck with two sluggish centre-forwards. Surely Arsene Wenger has to move in for somebody with genuine pace. Somebody who’s still young and hungry for success.

I’m not sure Samuel Eto’o is the right man for that job. I can only hope that Arsene Wenger agrees with me.

What’s your take? Should The Gunners make a move for Samuel Eto’o?

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