Could Arsenal REALLY be interested in Tom Cleverley?

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Tom CleverleyEarlier in the week The Metro ran an article that was basically a few massive, jaw-dropping headlines all rolled into one. A super article if you will. The one article to rule them all.

Here were the key points as I see them. 1) Arsene Wenger will be signing a new contract with Arsenal. 2) He will be handed a £70m war chest (will he be able to carry it?). 3) Arsenal are interested in signing Tom Cleverley. Was it the third one that made you do a spit-take?

Arsene Wenger has been teasing us over signing a new deal for months. It looks like the club is just waiting for the right time to announce it (perhaps after an FA Cup victory?).

As for the club’s transfer budget, it’s not surprising that they’ve got this kind of cash available. With the commercial deals they’ve done in recent years, I’m surprised that the Gunners haven’t been spending more and capitalising on their current position in the footballing world.

But Tom Cleverley? Manchester United’s fully-accredited scapegoat? Now that’s a real shock.

The Metro even seem to be a bit confused by their own rumour. Check out this quote from the article: “The England international has had a forgettable 12 months, having lost the respect of many fans, but perhaps Wenger could reignite his fortunes in north London?”

You can almost here the inflection at the end of the sentence. ‘Perhaps’? Aren’t we stretching a bit here? If a transfer rumour is that difficult to explain, is it even worth running? Is it even worth talking about in an article? Probably not, but you’re this deep into the article, so bare with me for another couple of paragraphs.

Don’t let Arsenal’s injury crisis fool you. The Gunners have more than enough options in the centre-of-the park. In fact, when everybody’s fit, it’s difficult to see how players like Jack Wilshere are going to fit in (surely Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey are the starters?). Isn’t Tom Cleverley just a second-rate Jack Wilshere?

That’s probably deeply reductive and a little unfair, but Cleverley still has a lot to prove. I’m sure he’d benefit from Arsene Wenger’s developmental genius, but I’m not sure he’ll be given the opportunity. All in all, that’s probably for the best.

What’s your take? Could Arsenal really be interested in signing Tom Cleverley? Did I really just type that sentence?

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  • Hashim says:

    Arsenal dont need to sign Cleverly. They already have some very good young players in Eisfeld, Aneke, Olsson and Zelalem. It is time now that Eisfeld be included in the side and with the exploits of Aneke on loan, I think he should be preferred over any new young signing.

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