£20m target has ‘heart set’ on Liverpool: can Brendan wrap this up?

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Adam LallanaWhat a season Adam Lallana has had. The British midfielder has cemented his place as one of the Premier League’s most impressive young footballers (he’s 25-years-old, does that count as young in the footballing world?) and has started to break into the England international side (he’s picked up 3 caps).

For Southampton, he’s been displaying his wit and verve on the ball on an almost weekly basis now. He’s made 40 appearances and has found the back of the net 10 times. Not bad for a central midfielder, eh?

Indeed, given how well he’s done, it’s perhaps unsurprising that he has started to pick up links to Liverpool. After all, The Reds have had a rather miraculous season of their own. Sure, the Chelsea result has knocked some sheen off of their achievements this year, but Brendan Rodgers and co. still deserve a hearty round of applause.

As it happens, The Mirror claims that Lallana ‘has a heart set on a move to Anfield’. They suggest that he’s not all that intrigued by Manchester United’s and Chelsea’s interest as he’s too busy batting his eyelids at Liverpool. They cap off the article by suggesting that Southampton would be willing to sanction a sale if The Reds were to offer £20m.

First things first: £20m would be a bargain for a player like Adam Lallana. That’s how much The Reds spent on Jordan Henderson back in the Kenny Dalglish days. Henderson’s only just starting to come good, but I think it’s fair to say that Lallana already surpasses him.

Yes, Adam Lallana looks like the epitome of a one club man (he’s been at St Mary’s since 2006 and has made 263 appearances), but I can’t help but wonder if he’d fancy a move to a club that is so clearly going places. What’s more, I’m sure he’ll look at Liverpool and see a club that likes to play football the way he does: fast, direct and full of technical expression.

Whether this is enough to secure a deal remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure: if the player would really favour Liverpool over their title rivals, then he’s certainly worth pursuing.

What’s your take? Would Adam Lallana be a smart addition to The Reds squad?

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  • saint says:

    Everton supporter as a boy. According to his family very happy and if Pochettino stays nobody will be leaving that Pochettino wants to keep.

  • jason.t says:

    Lol, No chance Adam leaving Saints, he is enjoying the time of his life. Keeps telling everyone who is willing to listen that he is very happy with Southampton f.c.

    • Adrian says:

      dude he has openly said he would leave them in a flash to go to liverpool

  • redandwhitestripes says:

    He already is at a club which is going places. Without Goofy and the huge number of penalties Liverpool have had this year they would currently be in a lower position than the Mighty Saints.

  • James says:

    He’s not a central midfielder you moron. Attacking midfielder on the Left and on The Right most of his career

  • joemoe says:

    Lallana is the best English player in the league. As a Liverpool supporter, I’d love him in our team. Different class from the rest of the humdrum English players. Would improve us imersurably.

  • SEUN ASHIRU says:


  • Dan says:

    If all Lallana wants to do is have the time of his life with mid table southampton, and pass off the chance of playing in Champions League with Liverpool and earning big bucks as well, then his ambitions as a footballer needs reexamining.
    But i’m not surprised the article says he has his heart set on a move to liverpool.

  • DaveP says:

    I’m a Livepool fan and would love to see Lallana at the club but this is yet another article fabricated out of nothing. I haven’t read one article actually quoting him saying anything of the sort. If he was to move to a champions league team then our style would suit him perfectly but you can only respect him if he wants to be loyal to Southampton.

  • Andrew says:

    Let’s get some facts right. Liverpool did NOT pay £20 million for Jordan Henderson, the original quoted price when the bid was made was £20 million, but that included David N’Gog who Liverpool tried to flog for £7 million. Unsurprisingly Sunderland rejected Liverpool’s valuation of N’Gog (we struck lucky when Bolton stupidly paid in the region of £4.5 million). So taking the cash value it would have been £20 million – £7 million therefore £13 million. Add in the fact the deal had clauses adding up to that figure it’s reasonable to suggest that so far Jordan has cost Liverpool £12 million. In regard of Jason T’s comment that might have been true but the lad has deservedly got himself into the England squad. Given that England want their players playing European football then he will come under pressure to move. So what matters more to him? Playing for England or Southampton? We’ve been here before with Matt Le Tisser who was shamefully only given 7 caps by England, so will the lad stay loyal given that his chances at international level will most likely be restricted? Not saying it’s right but that’s how football is now

  • Spiv says:

    Lallana has to ask himself two questions:

    1. Do I want to be playing at the highest level on a more regular basis e.g. European football and in particular the CL and is this something I’m ever likely to achieve with The Saints?

    2. If Southampton remain a selling club of their top young talents – Luke Shaw is likely to move on in the same way Walcott, Bale and Oxlade-Chamberlain – then how long will it be before Pottechino decides it’s time for pastures new?

    The Saints are not shoe-in to remain in the Prem should a new and less gifted management takeover in the not too distant future, which is a very plausible scenario with what has been going-on behind the scenes.

    I would be surprised if Lallana doesn’t have a decent WC, see his stock rise and then move on for even bigger money.

  • glenoeg says:

    At Liverpool, Yes please.

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