Would this free transfer be the right man for Manchester United?

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alexWith only 7 more games remaining in the Barclays Premiership 2014 (for most clubs), I suspect club scouts and managers across the country will have one eye on bringing in any top buys they can to strengthen their squad in the summer.

Someone who will need to pull off the transfers of his life is the infamous David Moyes, if he still remains at Manchester United come the end of the season that is.

United seem to have left behind their run of bad form with two decent results, turning around a 2-0 deficit against Olympiakos then a comfortable win thanks to a stunning Rooney strike. Do you reckon it was better than Becks one? I don’t think so but what’s your view?

Anyway, they’ve seemed to fall into their former selves as they were completely outplayed in a comfortable 3-0 win for City highlighting the shift of power in Manchester over the recent years. Their inconsistent form begs the question, which world class player do they need to bring in over the summer period and carry United back into those Glory Days?

This brings me on to a player who could potentially come to Old Trafford this summer: PSG’s Alex, but will he be good enough?

He’s a strong powerful centre back and has got a monstrous free kick (do you remember his stunning goal against Liverpool back in 2009?) and I’d have to say bringing him in would be an improvement to their current line-up. Plus, his contract runs out this summer so for United to grab him for a cheeky free transfer wouldn’t do any harm.

However, you have to say he’s getting on a bit and at 32 years old, he looks as though he’s only got a few more years in the tank. The Red Devils have certainly hit an all new low and need bigger name players to prepare for the future, possibly with plenty of football years ahead of them and Alex just doesn’t seem to fit the bill. Plus, would he really want to sign for his previous club’s rivals?

With all the top class centre backs in world football today, they should be aiming for bigger and better players such as the highly-rated Eliaquim Mangala. I’m sure Moyes wouldn’t like to re-live his shocking signings in last year’s summer transfer window.

Nevertheless, Alex would make an improvement to the squad in his last few years of football and with a few more transfers in different areas of the pitch, United may be back on the rise…

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