Spurs ace would ‘quite like to’ move to Arsenal: should Wenger snap him up?

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Hugo LlorisHaving just lost a game 5-1, the time’s not exactly great for Arsenal fans to start subjecting their North London rivals, Tottenham to some barbs. But poking fun at Spurs fans is usually a source of great solace for the Gunners. When things get bad, the club reverts back into a school yard bully and takes out their misery on Tim Sherwood’s boys.

Take, for instance, Olivier Giroud’s recent casual and rather careless comments about Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

The French stopper has earned a reputation for being one of Spurs’ most consistent performers and one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League. He gets a lot of attention for being quick off his line and for making brave decisions, but he also deserves plenty of respect for his shot stopping ability.

He’s as sprightly as any other keeper in world football, has a strong palm and positions himself well. If you watch him in action, it’s clear that he’s earned his reputation. Even when Spurs are playing badly, he can be relied upon to keep them in the game.

I’m not surprised that Arsenal fans would have some emotional investment in Hugo Lloris. He’s a top player and he’s also a part of the French international side. As such, there’s plenty of overlap between the two sets of players. This is something that Arsenal’s overworked striker, Olivier Giroud has been keen to underline:

“We go out together and talk about everything. We talk about life and sometimes the French team a bit and our wish to have a great experience together at the World Cup.┬áHave I asked him to join Arsenal? Yes, I have with Lolo [Laurent Koscielny]. He would have liked to, he would quite like to. You will have to ask him the question.” (Source: The Metro)

Whilst it’s not really Giroud’s place to talk about another club’s player in this manner, these comments are likely to irk Spurs fans. The suggestion that one of their top players is keen on a move to the Emirates isn’t exactly going to make them smile, is it?

But it does beg the question: do Arsenal really need Hugo Lloris? Haven’t they already got one of the Premier League’s brightest sparks in the shape of Wojciech Szczesny?

The Polish ace wasn’t at his best during Arsenal’s 5-1 thrashing last weekend, but he has played a major role in keeping the Gunners at the top of the Premier League table this season.

He’s one of the best shot stoppers in the world, works hard and has a great mentality. For my money, he deserves to be Arsenal’s number one goalkeeper for quite some time. Hugo Lloris be damned.

Let’s just hope that Giroud decides to keep his mouth shut in the future.

What’s your take? Should the Gunners be interested in Hugo Lloris? Did Olivier Giroud speak out of turn?

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  • SP says:

    1) Giroud very clearly located any comment by Lloris regarding the desirability of joining Arsenal in the past tense – “yes, he would have liked to…”. That sounds more to me like he is referring to the period before Lloris joined Spurs, when Arsenal had an interest in him. The idea of him joining Arsenal from Spurs, of Spurs and Daniel Levy letting that happen, are zero, and Lloris will no this. This is just Giroud flapping off in a general sense with enough ambiguity to allow misinterpretation (seems to me, willful misinterpretation) from the meeja.

    2) Lloris is better than Chesny.

  • ultrapunch says:

    Rubbish! Spurs could let him go if they get the right offer, but they DEFINITELY wouldn’t sell him to Arsenal. The Spurs fans would never forgive Levy if LLoris was sold to Arsenal.

    More likely, if he does go, is PSG.

  • Jim says:

    this is old news, LLoris rubbished it a week ago… do some homework, it’s nonsense. Now move along…

  • john says:

    Giroud should spend more time smoothing over relations with her indoors and Wenger after he appeared in a picture in the sun in his underpants with a young lady (allegedly)in the same hotel room.

  • gary fox says:

    Giroud is a dick. He reported a private conversation and it was probably no more than “come and play for us” and a “yeah right….ok….now who ordered the steak?”. Szczesny is an ok keeper but not one of the worlds best shot stoppers and he is one of the reasons Arsenal wont win the league.

  • SackTheJournalist says:

    Lloris has since been questioned on the subject and put the record straight. He has too much respect for spurs fans to do this (his own words).
    Do some research before posting things like this, lazy journalism once again……

  • Sid says:

    Lloris has already denied ever saying that, what is wrong with the British media and there constant BS.

  • Anon says:

    This has already been refuted by Lloris. Try digging up a more up to date story, such as Lloris denies Giroud’s fantasy.

  • spurman says:

    I dont doubt l’Arse would like Lloris since their loadmouthed and not as good as Keeper,needs replacing.

  • Tony says:

    What a complete load of rollocks this is,forgoodness sake go out & find a job,because you have no idea what you are talking about you idiot !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Col says:

    Total rubbish,total nonsense,totally untrue.Just like Arsenals current second rate,big mouthed,low IQ goalkeeper.Giroud been in the news 5 minutes and suddenly an expert……..tosser with no class,learn to wash your hands after going to the toilet you munger.

  • Birdman says:

    Shouldn’t Giroud concentrate on being in bed on time by himself?
    He’s trying to deflect the fact he’s been caught out.

  • Jay says:

    This was a blatant attempt by giroud to deflect attention away from him in the media and towards something else as he got caught cheating on his missus!

    The only thing this really would of done, as lloris has already rubbished it and said it would be embarrassing to join arsenal, is destabilise the relationship between Giroud and Szczesny as he has belittled his own keeper!

    There is already discontent among arsenal players just ask Mertesacker with his black eye! All this outburst has done is hurt Arsenals team morale.

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