Can Arsenal still compete for Luis Suarez?

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Luis SuarezLast weekend Luis Suarez proved once more that he is the best player in the Premier League. Now that Gareth Bale has fled the coop, there’s nobody even close to his level. Even with the added burden of the Liverpool captaincy, Suarez was at his free-flowing best.

The man’s quick, feet, sharp mind and eye for goal are a joy to behold. The fact that he’s scored 17 goals in 11 games pretty much speaks for itself. Whenever he’s on the ball, the opposition seem to fear for their collective lives. Okay, I’m getting a little hyperbolic, but the Uruguayan seems to inspire this level of brainless adoration.

Though he’s a clever man, Arsene Wenger certainly hasn’t been immune to Suarez’s charms. Over the summer the Frenchman launched a £40,000,001 bid for Suarez, only to be met with collective laughter from everybody at Liverpool.

Fortunately (if you’re an Arsenal fan), this doesn’t seem to have put Arsene Wenger off. Check out these recent quotes:

“I think that every defender in England hates playing against him. He has a strong, provocative personality. From the information I gathered on him it appears that on a day-to-day level he is really easy to work with. Also that he’s respectful, he loves training, he’s an angel. He turns into a demon when he’s on the pitch. We all dream about having players like that.” (Source: The Star)

I have to say, I’m not overly impressed by Liverpool’s midfield. Whilst Jordan Henderson did a great job at the weekend, Steven Gerrard is slowing down and Philippe Coutinho is still pretty raw.

I’d love to see what Suarez is capable of when he’s playing alongside other world-class talent like Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla. I’m sure Suarez fancies that opportunity too. He was certainly frustrated that he didn’t get a chance to move on during the summer transfer window.

Of course, if Arsenal are still interested in Suarez, they’ll have to smash their transfer record yet again. They’ve only just spent £42.4m on Mesut Ozil, but you’d have to add around £20-30m to that figure before Liverpool would consider selling Suarez.

For Arsenal, he could be the missing link. He could be the man who leads them to silverware and genuine success. That all comes with a price. I’m sure Arsenal can’t compete for him, but that won’t stop me crossing my fingers regardless.

What’s your take? Should Arsenal still be interested in Luis Suarez, or has that ship sailed?

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  • Steve says:

    Suarez never had any intention of going to Arsenal. He only wants Madrid. He used the gooners to snuff out Real in the summer. If he does leave Liverpool it will be for more than what Bale cost

  • James says:

    Exactly what have cazoka and ozil won? And the last time I checked arse-nal were not in a better shape then Liverpool ?

    • kenan ntchuka kondowe says:

      from my own view Arsenal needs axactly player like suarez am happy coz wenger is still keen n interested to sign him. and Arsenal has whatever it takes to get suarez if wenger can be serious. would be very happy to see suarez at EMIRATES….. ONCE GUNNER ALWAYZ AGUNNER.

    • jamal says:

      which football do u watch

  • Dream on says:

    Mesut ozil and santi Corzola world class !!!!!! Ha don’t make me laugh, so your saying ozil is consistently creating goals and scoring them also playing well in 8 out of 10 games ? Because that is world class , More like 1 in 6 games can’t remember last time he scored or had a assist ? And Corzola can’t even get in the starting 11, Arsenal and it’s fans need to get there head out of the mud pit and get it into reality, there in the 9 th year without a trophy and still think there a top club! Imagine Suarez joined them and in 20 years time his grandson asking him , grandad what did you win as a player ? Nothing no trophys, but i got in the champions league most years does that count? That’s right LOUIS choose arsenal over r. Madrid or bayern, or barca.

  • Jonesy says:

    Spot on James. Arsenal revealed their lack of class with that bid. Its like ordering a £100 steak and tipping the waitress 5p. What message di dthat send out?
    No matter what Suarez wants the initiative is in the hands of FSG, and we all know what they think. They will the largest say into when and where he goes. So small-minded penny-pinching Arsenal have no hope.
    And in football terms Arsenal are no better than LFC. At the end of the season there will be no more than 3 points between them.


    As by my point of view suarez is a wonderful creature and a total guy who mainly can do things on his way.particularly suarez is a full man who can do the incomplete task that Giroud does at the moment and for that i’ll really smille and enjoy to see Arsene try another chance of getting him out of atleast wenger has to table more than convincing amount to secure his signature.

  • Chewy Suarez says:

    Suarez just signed a new deal so hopefully we can put this BS gossip to bed.
    As for the Arsenal offer of £40M+1 offer for him in the summer, Arsenal believed that there was a clause that meant Suarez could leave if an offer of £40M+ was received. They received that offer. Since when did football clubs tip each other. Pathetic reasoning, get over yourself.

  • REDDY says:

    YOU are a silly, silly, ARSE-nal boyo! Suarez NEVER wanted to go there, so get over it!. Just signed a NEW LONG TERM CONTRACT, so give your comatose brain a rest, and give it a chance, to wake up, say in about 20 YEARS!!!

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