A tribute to Ryan Giggs (and other footballing OAPs!)

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Ryan Giggs

Fancy a slice of inspiration? Why not think about Ryan Giggs, who made his first professional appearances for Manchester United in 1990 and is still playing to this very day. The man is not only a legend of the game, he’s a consummate professional who has kept his body and mind in fine fettle.

He’s an example to all other footballers. He’s a man that those obsessed with wealth and luxury should be looking up to. These young flames that burn bright before burning out do not linger long in the memory. They fade fast.

But as long as there’s football, we will remember Ryan Giggs. There’ll always be the man who has played 663 games for Manchester United and scored 114 goals (and registered a record number of assists).

Thanks to his age, Giggs was the first player who came to mind when I watched the video below. At 60-years-old, he will still likely be a better footballer than 95% of the rest of the world. His desire and willpower is certainly something that should be applauded.

What’s your take? Is Ryan Giggs among your footballing heroes?

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