Would moving from Liverpool to Arsenal be a sideways move?

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Luis SuarezIt’s been interesting to watch the way Liverpool fans have framed the Luis Suarez transfer saga. In particular, I’m surprised at the the lack of understanding as to why a player like Luis Suarez would want to join a club like Arsenal. Can you really not see the reason why?

When it comes to Luis Suarez and Liverpool fans, opinion seems to change quickly. Whilst many stuck by him during the racism and cannibalism sagas, the way he has acted this summer seems to have alienated just about everybody.

His attitude (in particular, the lack of respect for the fans) may well be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Yes, Brendan Rodgers and co. value Suarez as a footballer, but they also seem to realise that ¬£40-50m would be more useful to the Reds than an unhappy, unmotivated individual.

Suffice to say, I think most Liverpool fans would be happy to see Suarez leave, should they get a fair price for him. Still, many fans just don’t seem to understand why Suarez wants to talk to a club like Arsenal.

This point of view, has perhaps best been summed up by Michael Owen (which in itself, is a little odd, given the way he’s burned up all his Liverpool credibility over the years):

“I’m struggling to understand why he would leave and stay in England, with Liverpool being the stature they are.¬†Arsenal are a fabulous club and have got a great heritage, but Liverpool are as big – if not bigger.” (Source: The Mirror)

These comments are surprising coming from an ex-player. He’ll know as well as anybody what runs through player’s heads when they consider moving clubs. The first consideration is usually ‘How much are they willing to pay me?’ The second is often, ‘Am I likely to win silverware with this team?’, or ‘does this team play in the Champions League?’

They’ll then consider this: are there other clubs out there, who can offer more in these regards?

For modern footballers, it’s very unlikely that stature, or history (call it what you will) or the fans, will even figure into it. Michael Owen, a man who has left Liverpool before, must surely know better.

I’m sure if Real Madrid really were interested, that would be Suarez’s first choice. But, the fact that he wants to speak to Arsenal, suggests he views the club as a step up. It suggests that what Arsenal can offer (Champions League football, a better chance of silverware, etc) is more in line with his goals than what Liverpool can offer.

Liverpool have been bigger than Arsenal for many years. But as things currently stand, in the modern footballing landscape, that’s just not the case anymore. If Suarez moves, the proof will be in the pudding.

Interestingly enough, Owen answers his own question later in the interview: “From Suarez’s point of view, you can understand him if he wants to reach the absolute pinnacle of the game – that’s playing in the Champions League.”

Case closed? I’m looking forward to reading the comments on this one!

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  • Nmaan says:

    Arsenal are not, at this point, guaranteed of playing in the main CL rounds (group stages and beyond), nor have they won a trophy in a considerable amount of time, realistically they aren’t title contenders either and Suarez alone probably won’t change that (a competent 2ndd choice GK, a DM and CB in addition to Suarez might).

    Liverpool have not been in the CL for a good while now, but do offer better returns on cups, they’re also not likely to challenge for the title anytime soon (barring rich Saudi owners and major investment).

    Honestly right there isn’t that much of difference between the two maybe Arsenal are an ant step up from Liverpool, but then again maybe not.

  • Dunc says:

    Arsenal qualified for the champions league by the skin of their teeth last year. They are not as strong as Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea and have little chance of finishing above any of them. They also have a risk of not qualifying for the champions league next year if they are overtaken by Spurs or Liverpool.

    That’s why it makes no sense. It is a sideways move in the medium to long term.

  • Starved says:

    Just one point regarding silver wear , He’s already won a league cup winners medal as well as apearing in an FA cup final, both occurring the season before last.
    Not outstanding achievements but better than nothing and better than Arsenals recent acheivements .
    I’m not having a go at Arsenal, I’ve got a lot of respect for tha club and their manager !
    If its a case of apearing in European competitions then its an excuse of sorts,
    But don’t try and suggest Liverpool have anything to be embarrassed about when it comes to history or ability, we are still a force to keep an eye on!!!

    • Mega says:

      10 years ago, Chelsea was nothing compared to Man Utd, Arsenal and Liverpool…! 5 years ago, Man City was nothing compared to Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tot’ham, Everton, Newcastle….. If Suarez is seeking a move to Man City bcos they have won the league just once and the FA cup, is it alright? If the answer is yes, then Owen is as retarded as his legs(who himself played for Man Utd…a Liverpool rival)…. Liverpool have no chance of show-casing its players in Europe this coming season(even with Suarez in their ranks)…. Arsenal qualified for the play-offs and likely to make the group stages this coming season… Arsenal fans are crying for a top striker to push them higher up the league table….Suarez believes he can be that Striker…. Liverpool needs more than a Striker and it is easier to balance Arsenal but more difficult to balance Liverpool…! So moving to Arsenal now from Liverpool is definatly not a side-ways move but an up wards move for Suarez….(Evidently the standings for both teams in the EPL for the past 4-5 seasons)…! Van Persie wanted trophies and then he moved to Man Utd and got his wish, owen said Van Persie made a good choice….Suarez want Champios League and Arsenal can offer him that, so what is Owen’s problem? Owen who want to be a pundit will be a bad one…he makes judgment on a ‘Bias’ level…. Enough Said….!

  • Jules says:

    I’m afraid you’re small fry now mate

  • ishoo says:

    @starved…exactly the point I was gonna make….if suarez just wanna play cl, he can go to arsenal but if he wants to win cups then arsenal is the last place to consider…arsenal have been consistently participating in cl for many years but they are yet to win it it…

  • Previgo says:

    Great writeup.. It sounds rediculous when people say they dont understand why suarez wants to swap anfield for the emirates.. I have a simple question for all of them, including brendan rodgers in particular.. Supposing before he left swansea for liverpool the arsenal coaching job was vacant and it was now up to him to choose between arsenal and liverpool. Which would he choose to coach? Liverpool? Or arsenal?

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