Why this £25m Bundesliga signing should be Manchester United’s priority:

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Mats HummelsIf Manchester United’s defensive frailties weren’t clear throughout last season, the club’s pre-season action has emboldened them, underlined them and then highlighted them, before circling them multiple times.

Pre-season should be about re-establishing the balance of your side. It’s an opportunity to develop partnerships, establish patterns and find consistency. But this just hasn’t happened yet.

Against lowly opposition from Thailand, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong, United have conceded nine goals and given their strikers a lot of work to do.

Nemanja Vidic’s injury problems are well documented. The Serbian international has had to sit out United’s summer tour thanks to fitness issues. There must be serious concerns over how many games he’ll be able to feature in over the course of the next year.

Then there’s Rio Ferdinand, who at 34-years-old, is in the Autumn of his career. I expect he’ll be phased out at United over the next two or so seasons.

There’s plenty of young defensive talent at Manchester United, but you get the feeling that signing(s) in this area are a must.

I can only hope that David Moyes is as aware of this issue as everybody else is. His continued pursual of Fabregas (and a host of other creative midfielder types) suggests not (though to be fair, United could also do with bolstering this area).

With Premier League football fast approaching, a quick solution is needed.

I was therefore pleasantly surprised to see Sports Direct News, link United to Borussia Dortmund’s much lauded defender Mats Hummels, even if I took the claims with a pinch of salt.

This isn’t the first time that United have been linked to Hummels, but with United’s need so pressing, there’s some chance that the stories could be true.

The 6 ft 4 in tall German centre-back cuts an imposing figure and at this stage in his career, has the know-how and ability to be a defensive lynch-pin for just about any club throughout Europe. There’s a reason why he’s been compared to players like Franz Beckenbauer.

He’ll fit into Manchester United nicely: he’s good at distributing from the back and isn’t afraid to come out of the defense to start attacks.

He would cost Manchester United ‘in excess of’ £25m, but the club has already shown a willingness to spend money this summer. Signing Hummels would not only satisfy a need, it would be a symbol of intent.

If there’s any truth to the claims, I only hope David Moyes is able to follow through.

What’s your take? Is Mats Hummels the solution to United’s defensive woes?

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  • Moyes re nt acting right about singing good player says:

    Moyes should remba he is no longer at Evton and act lke a winner’ lke Sir to say. u wnt to boost ur midfield y dnt u walk towards it?,.. Jst pray u shuld delivered… Utd for real…

  • ikilowei jasper says:

    Pls Moyes get Mats Hummel nd Fabregas 4United cos this season gonna be very tight in EPL so something has 2be done fast

  • bradfordopio says:

    Yes i think putting thinks in to action is what is wanted instead of just bouring millions of a player like fabrigas,cr7& hummel this would just be enough to make us retained the p’league please moyes only this three are enough.

  • ikenna okolie says:

    i nid cr7 to oldtraford

  • Joshua jerome says:

    He’s gud player,go and buy him

  • Akanbi oladimeji says:

    He’s a good defender, and it’s good if we can sign him

  • Samuel says:

    The signing of mat hummels is jus the solution to man united defense crisis

  • saganma says:

    he is a fantastic defender but i can bet my life moyes has not seen any problem with our defence

  • Sabo kt says:

    Yes actually hammels is the best solution to utd defensive error.. I really believe him.

  • mwanje James says:

    Buy hummels moyes, he’s good at commanding the center back.

  • Karamo says:

    Why not he is a very good player moyes just get him now b4 it Will be 2 late

    • vaibhav says:

      I think hummels will provide.the.stability needed in the line.of.defence for.Manchester. its a sheer waste going behind fabregas as that sector of the team’ is all ready well built and.settled. I just wished sir alex. Would have continued.that s all I have to say

  • BashyBashygal says:

    The problem wz z club is that we are not giving the young talents such as jones,Evans,smelling and butter any chance. The club can’t win anything wz this squad as it is.

    • Farhan says:

      Jones, Evans and Smalling are getting plenty of games. Jones is good but gets injured, Evans is OK but inconsistent, Smalling makes too many errors.

      Buttner is getting few chances but he comes forward too often. He might get deployed/tested in more attacking role – lets see this season

      We need two good CBs! RB is covered and a few options in LB – CB is our big problem

  • emisun says:

    TransfeR speculation, wats wrong wid signing of Ezekiel Garay

  • gauchoss says:

    pls n pls moyes we need him, he is d slution to our defense, dnt let himm bo away from u. Up mannnnnn uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • roja says:

    well i can imagine how tough it is for D. Moyes to win a cup with the kind of Players he has on the side of Defense and Midfield. think of removing M.Carrick and J.Evance out of equestion! totally the team is exposed and can challenge NON! absolutely non of the sourt of B. Munich, B.Dotchmund, M. City,R.Madrid, Chelsea and the like. Basically MUnited need to strengthen mid and defense as well.

  • asquare ayeni says:

    we dont want defender.,…we only want midfieder

  • homeboy says:

    stupid press rumors
    Hummels is going nowhere
    Kagawa is gonna come back next year that might happen

  • Abdulkareem Ibrahim says:

    I don’t think man u can win any trophy this season

  • Michael ayesime from uganda says:

    man u is ok backwise.strong en young boys with team spirit like huton,keane,evans rafael,smalling en jones are enough. what we need is 2 strengthen number 8,6 en 11

  • peter says:

    let moyes go 4 him now

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