Why Arsenal desperately need this double-signing:

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Ashley WilliamsMuch ink and column inches have been spent on Arsenal’s defensive problems. For all the Gunners’ prowess moving forward, the club has always been hamstrung by a leaky defense and an inability to hold on to a lead.

Yes, fans may well point to their decent defensive record last season, but I’d sooner point to the outrageous number of unforced errors made by the club’s back-four last season.

Whether it was giving away a red card, slipping at an inopportune moment, misjudging the bounce or movement of the ball, or a myriad of other mishaps, numerous different Arsenal stars have been at fault at one stage or another.

Yet this kind of thing has to stop if the Gunners are ever going to win silverware again. Living on the edge hasn’t worked since 2006. It’s time to get real, build from the back and start getting the basics right.

If it takes new personnel to make this happen, then so be it. You get the feeling that with the club’s lack of options at the back, bringing new players in will be key.

Whether it’s simply to inspire competition among the Gunners current stars, or new first-teamers in their own right, any new signings will have a significant role to play.

It’s with this in mind that I was excited to see The Star claim that Arsenal are currently readying bids for two defensive players, both of whom currently ply their trade in the Premier League.

The two men in question are Swansea City captain Ashley Williams and Manchester City’s forgotten man, Micah Richards. Both players have the pedigree to to improve the Arsenal’s back-four and make the club an entirely different defensive beast.

Micah Richards has struggled for game time over the last couple of seasons, as more and more top class players have been brought to Eastlands. He’s an Arsenal fan and would surely jump at the opportunity to move to The Emirates, where he would be give plenty of game time.

As for Williams, he’s a leader and a top defender. He’s among the Premier League’s best defensive talents and is due a shot at a so-called big club. If Arsenal come knocking, I’m sure he’ll heed the call.

Making these two additions should ensure that the Gunners have enough defensive options to see out the rest of the season. It should also provide them with a platform to build on. Could success be on its way?

What’s your take? Would you like to see Arsenal move for Ashley Williams and Micah Richards?

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  • jesse says:

    i believe that is correct .if those two player are added to the team arsenal we have a better force at the back.

  • Albert Batsa says:

    arsene wenger am pleading with u ind name of god we need new players this very week so we beat spurse but i dont think,becos they will delay d bale move to madrid.

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