Premier League Kit Review: The Best & Worse!

Newcastle KitNewcastle United

After the much debated switch in sponsor from Virgin Money to Wonga this summer I think Magpie fans are getting used to their new kit. There haven’t been many changes but a blue stripe has been added to the traditional black and white stripes and they have a new collar which has a black V with two white stripes, it looks slightly odd but Wonga issues considered it’s a good kit. The away kit is a great looking kit, it is dark blue with light blue trim detail around the top of the shirt, I think it’s one of the best away shirts this season but not to annoy any Newcastle fans it is rather similar to Sunderland’s away kit last year.

Norwich kitNorwich City

The Canaries have stuck to their normal colours but in a more modern design for the new season, their yellow shirt has green sleeves and a panels down the side of the shirt. The away shirt has had a complete change of design but it is exactly the same as the home kit but it is a white shirt with black sleeves. They might not have changed much or been the most inventive with the away shirt but both kits look much better than last seasons.

Southampton kits


Another one of the much debated kits this season as Southampton eradicate their stripes in favour of a completely new design. Many fans have refused to buy these kits and there was talk of a boycott on one of their main forums and a ‘save our stripes’ campaign but the kits stay for this season at least so the fans will have to get used to it. The home kit is now plain red with the traditional Adidas stripes on the shoulders and white sleeves and the away kit might redeem the designers as it is a very classy black strip with white stripes on the shoulders and white trim on the sleeves.

Stoke Kit

Stoke City

Under new contract with Adidas, Stoke haven’t changed much about their home kit but they are sporting a brand new away kit, the black shirt with yellow and white detail replaces their traditional blue and red striped kit.

It looks a bit like a training shirt and it has also been compared to a goalkeeping shirt. That doesn’t sound too great does it?



Sunderland, like Stoke have also made minor changes to their home kit but they have a brand new design and change of colour to their away kit.

They have swapped the blue for yellow and navy blue with red trim and the colours all look smart, it probably would have looked better without the red.

Swansea City KitSwansea City

Micheal Laudrup’s team are under new sponsorship from Chinese company Goldway so the first thing you notice on the kits is the logo as it’s different. Both kits have undergone changes, the classy gold and white home kit has been replaced by a black and white kit which is slightly less aesthetically pleasing but not as bad as some of the other designs this year. Their away kit has been changed to yellow and purple with a zig-zag type pattern which doesn’t really go too well, it looks rather like purple mountains in sunshine.

Tottenham KitTottenham

Tottenham have gone for a retro look as they return to wearing navy blue shorts which is reminiscent of their 60?s kit, they have gone for a slim-frit shirt with changes to the collar, sleeves and also the logo as HP return as sponsors for the first time since 1999. With the addition of the navy shorts it is actually a smarter looking kit. The away shirt is light blue with dark blue detail on the shoulder and the sleeves. The HP logo matches the navy blue detail on this shirt and it seems to be very popular with the fans.

West Brom Kit

West Brom

The Baggies had the great idea of launching their new kit using players from the past and present, the new kit just has the stripes in a different order and minor changes to the sleeves and collar.

The away kit is red and black striped which can be compared to AC Milan’s but it looks good especially with the stripe difference on the sleeves.

West Ham KitWest Ham

The Hammers new kits are sporting a lighter clue colour on both home and away as Adidas return to designing their kits for the first time since the 80’s. The home kit will still remain claret and blue and has stripes on the shoulder and the away kit is white with claret details on the sleeves but the white shirt is paired with light blue shorts which are awful and don’t go with the kit. Both kits have a distinct similarity to the last kits Adidas designed for West Ham.

As you will have seen throughout the review a lot of designs this year are a modern take on previous kits giving them a rejuvenated look whilst creating the nostalgia from previous years. There are a lot of smart new kits and some they have been debated about all summer. Here are my top 3 kits and my worst 3 kits.

Top 3 Kits:

1. Everton Away kit

2. Chelsea Away kit

3. Arsenal Away kit

Worst 3 Kits:

1. Liverpool Away kit

2. Cardiff City Home kit

3. Manchester United Away Kit

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