How supplements have impacted the game of football over the years

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Everton-Maxi-MuscleSerious athletes always look to push their bodies to the limit but sometimes the mental goals they set outstrip their physical capacity. This often happens with footballers who, despite wanting to play at full strength for an entire 90 minutes, instead have to reserve their energies to prevent burnout and cramp in the dying minutes.

Over the past two decades many football clubs have adopted sports supplements to aid their players’ performances and recovery time. There are loads of natural supplements out there such as protein, vitamins, creatine and Omega 3, all of which boost the body in their own unique way.

A great ‘staple’ supplement is Creatine – a naturally occurring acid that studies have shown can enhance your output by up to 15%. It is available in many forms and can be bought online at

The majority of athletes take creatine in powder form to make a drink or shake. The benefit of the supplement is to increase strength by storing itself in the muscle during rapid contractions. If taken with another supplement, protein, your muscles won’t just increase in size but grow accustomed to high-intensity workouts.

Protein is also available in a powder from and is widely proven to produce muscle hypertrophy with natural amino acids doing the work. Your diet is crucial here for none of valine, isoleucine or leucine can be created in the body but instead must be fed to the muscle.

With a combination of creatine, protein and other supplements footballers have proven able to last much longer on the field. The pace of the game has increased dramatically over the years and this is down to management staff taking on board the science behind physical exertions and how best to enhance recovery and performance.

Just look at the strength of some players as an example of how positive supplements are. Even League Two professionals boast perfectly toned torsos to hold off opponents, while increased leg strength means they can go further and faster for longer.

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