Could Manchester United FINALLY tempt this one-club man into a switch?

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Daniele De RossiDaniele De Rossi is a player who has been linked with a Premier League move on numerous different occasions throughout his illustrious career. There’s good reason for this – the man is a sensational, industrious and effective midfielder. Moreover, he’s a player that seems to be custom built for the rigours of the Premier League.

Unfortunately for his suitors, De Rossi has been a true one-club man and up until now, no other club has been able to turn his head. He’s been with Roma since 2001 (where he was quickly earmarked for a big future) and has made over 300 appearances for the Serie A club.

At 30-years-old, however, it wouldn’t surprise me if he is starting to reflect on his career. Could a move away from the Stadio Olimpico be on his mind?

In a recent interview the Italian international didn’t exactly rule out a change in scenery:

“Had I left Roma in the past or if I leave in the future then I would go for an experience abroad.”

He went on to clarify:

“I feel like an integral part of Roma and Roma are an integral part of my life but, if I were to go, then I would not play for another Italian side out of respect to the club. I would move to a foreign outfit.”

The man clearly has a lot of respect for his club, but a move to a different League also seems to hold some appeal. Later in the interview, he speaks of his disillusionment regarding Serie A, suggesting that ‘The culture of italian football is about 10-20 years behind the time’.

If he feels that way, maybe it’s time to jump ship?

As The Mirror note, Manchester United are long-time admirers of the 30-year-old. Now that he’s ready for a move and Scholes has retired, it wouldn’t surprise me if David Moyes started poking around.

De Rossi has it all. He’s physically tough, can tackle well (unlike Scholes), is an adept passer and has a strong shot. All these qualities will help him to quickly gel with his new team-mates and he’s the kind of player who would be able to make an immediate impact at Old Trafford.

Roma, however, won’t want to let him go. He’s under contract until 2017 and he’s one of the club’s best players. He could be more difficult to sign than Cesc Fabregas. In this case, however, I hope that David Moyes and co. don’t give up.

What’s your take? Is it time for Daniele De Rossi to finally make a move to the Premier League?

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  • Spartacus says:

    He probably won’t move. Hes a born and bred Roman and they are as loyal as they get. But if he does move to United, slotting into a vital cog of an already well-oiled machine, then the other teams can forget about the title this season.

  • benny says:

    Italians love money offer money and they will release him

  • sammy says:

    What does man u need an old man for 30yrs for Godsake buy fellani n ozil or luka modric. Hmmm

  • Rocky says:

    Noooo united don’t need de rossi cos he z too old but should sign felliani modric garay n baines.

  • Deegullic says:

    We need a midfielder who can made an immediate impact no matter his age, we just wanna built our team for this year championship than we can start building Januzaj and jesse for the future of our club. Tom cleverly and Nick Powell can still improve the club in de future but for now we need a quick impact project.

  • emisun says:

    Y wastin time tryin to get dis grandpa(de rossi) y not go for fellani, or dat sevilla midfielder kondo…..; And wat has happened to garay no morE comin to Old trafford or wat?????

  • Stevenley says:

    Moyes is good in the formation but so bad in market, we need fellaini nd modric at man utd bfor chelsea clash.

  • felix samir mark says:

    wt do they 4rm a man of 30yrs.let hm release money 2 buy ozil and modric

  • kimane says:

    aaaaaag fellani’s wack ppl…we need a playey lyk gundagun,frm dortmond..

  • Shanghai from zambia says:

    Moyes must build the midfield b4 chelsea game.let him bring Oziil,modric&fellain because the midfield has to be intacked.chelsea r the gd side.cleverly&anderson needs to be groomed.big Man U fan from africa zambia.

  • Trevor says:

    DeRossi will never leave Roma because his father is a coach at the club and they are very close.

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