Why Spurs should splash the cash on this £25m Spanish ace:


One player I’m surprised that their hasn’t been more of a fuss about this summer, is Roberto Soldado.

The man scored 30 goals in 46 appearances last season. What more does he need to do to get attention? How about scoring 27 goals in 51 appearances the season prior? Or 25 in 44 appearances the year before that? Goal-scoring seems to be in the Spanish centre-forward’s blood.

So why aren’t more clubs knocking on Valencia’s door to see how much he might be available for.

Perhaps things are going on behind the scenes that aren’t getting picked up by the Press. But as things currently stand, Tottenham may well have a free run at the player (much in the same way that their rivals, Arsenal, seem unopposed in their pursuit of Gonzalo Higuain).

Spurs are already believed to have offered £17m for Soldado, but Valencia are holding out for more. The Mirror even claims that Tottenham may have to shell out £25m to sign the Spaniard.

This is a lot of money. But I think it’d be a worthy investment for the North London club.

A lot has been made of Tottenham’s failings up front last season. Jermaine Defoe was inconsistent and went missing for long patches, whilst Emmanuel Adebayor spent most of the year looking like he was waiting for his cheque to cash.

With the lack of other options available to him, it wouldn’t surprise me if Andre Villas-Boas turned to the transfer market to provide a fix.

If he does, Soldado would be an excellent addition. His power, technical ability and pure goal-scoring ability are difficult to rival in world football. I’d argue that the 11-time Spanish International is due a move to a big club.

There may be concerns about his age, but he’s no David Villa (31-years-old) and he doesn’t have a bad injury record. He’s also no spring chicken (unlike another Spurs target, Christian Benteke). He’s been around the block a few times and would be able to offer Tottenham a cool head and plenty of experience.

Whether or not Spurs have £25m to spend this season is another matter. They were willing to offer £17m, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they went ahead and upped the bid. After all, bringing in a player of this quality could lead the club onto much greater levels of success.

What’s your take? Should Spurs splash out £25m on Roberto Soldado?

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  • Randall says:

    I am a spurs fan and I would take soldado over benteke any day. He is a proven goal scorer. I hope Levy doesnt do the usual and buy someone rubbish at the last moment. We need to firm up our strikeforce and I think that this is the man to do it, £25m is a bargain if he helps get us into the champions league!

  • the_unchosen_one says:

    Lets just hope that Baldini is working on this one because if he isn’t and Levy is in charge we’ve got no chance.

    • Moonracker says:

      Could not of said it better myself.
      C’mon you Spurs.

    • mahir says:

      this player has the potential to be rated among the best strikers in the world . Soldado is a goal machine, possess pace and has a touch of elegance in his football…….if spurs can pull this transfer off, it will be brilliant…..he is underrated and deserves a good club …..

  • Jay says:

    Although Benteke had a great season for Villa,i would not be paying £25+million for him.There are other strikers that Spurs can sign for this fee and less. Missing out on David Villa was a big mistake even though the striker is 31.He is quality for the price tag and would have been great to bolster the squad,giving us more room for a second striker to come into the club.Yes,Soldado is worth the price tag as the past 3-4 seasons prove it.How will Benteke perform second season in the premier league?..hard to say if he can reproduce that kind of form again being a well marked man.

  • JOHN says:

    If its left to Levey we will be watching Ade
    Defeo and dempsey We have needed a couple of first class strikers for the last three seasons Levey has failed to deliver

  • Moonracker says:

    Go out and ask if he wants to play for us . Then pay the price he is obliviously worth . The sooner he is here the better he will fit in to our system . Then we can offload whatever we want to get rid of

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