Why Liverpool should surge ahead with this £4m bargain signing:


Is there any foreign League player who has picked up more links to the Premier League than Aly Cissokho? Every summer (and every January, for that matter) there seem to be three-or-four club’s in the mix for the man’s signature.

Even his move to Valencia last summer hasn’t dampened speculation regarding Cissokho and the chance of him joining a British club. He’s only made 20 appearances for his new club, but may well move on again this summer.

It’s easy to see why so many clubs are interested. The man is a true athlete. Going forward, he’s a real force. He’s extremely nippy, can take players on and has energy levels above and beyond your typical footballer. Whilst he’s not as effective defensively, his pace does allow him to respond quickly to threats.

According to The Mirror, Liverpool are still hoping they can tempt the 25-year-old away from La Liga, in a £4m deal. This would be quite a coup, considering clubs like Inter Milan and Lyon were offering approximately 15m  euros for the sprightly left-back in 2009.

£4m is a good sum for a player who is among the best full-backs in world football.

Brendan Rodgers is in the middle of re-building a club that is going through a tough phase. The Reds were dreadful last year and even worse the year before that. Nothing the club tries seems to be paying off and it’s forced Liverpool into a transitional period.

But the signs are there that things are getting better. Last January, Brendan signed Daniel Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho. Both players have shown signs of promise. Indeed, I can foresee Sturridge excelling in his first full season at Anfield.

Suffice to say, Rodgers looks to have a handle on this whole transfer business. He’s been extremely busy this summer, signing affordable players who will be able to make an immediate impact at the club.

Aly Cissokho would be another signing in this vein. Another step along the path towards making a truly competitive Liverpool squad. For just £4m, it’s hardly the biggest gamble that the Reds will make this summer. If anything, it looks like a smart investment.

I’d argue that it’s time to finally make his move to the Premier League happen.

What’s your take? Would you like to see Liverpool complete a deal for Valencia’s speed-king, Aly Cissokho?

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  • peter mullin says:

    Dreadful? Did you actually watch Liverpool last year. We were arguably the most attractive side in the premier league for the last 3-4 months of the season …. and Coutinho “showed signs of promise”. He was bloody brilliant.

  • Rigo22 says:

    Yes get him now. Good player!!

  • Albert Hagan says:

    Well he’ll be great for us but will we get him or wait for another team to take notice

  • LLOYD says:


  • Fat Frank says:

    No thanks.
    We have our own young players who can be used as a back up for Enrique.
    And im sure there are plenty of free transfer options with lower wage demands.

    This 4M should have been used for Mkhitaryan as a signing bonus or something.

    His touch is awful. No use for Rodgers style of play

  • roise bankx emma germans says:

    z such astrong n skilled left back dat had never seen be4 in d African colour, his agreat man n d deal z welcomed

  • a says:


  • fuwee says:

    Yes Aly Sissokho will be perfect and at a bargain. But we can’t forget, we are owned by American owners FSG, meaning they will wait for further bargain. Will maybe table 1.8m pounds or 2.5m pounds max. Then, the target goes elsewhere. It’s been the pattern since their takeover. I find it quite embarrassing n I believe that has been the case of late that player are sceptical on moving to our club. It’s not so much the CL thing but the way we manage n go about recruiting players. We give them hope n leave them wondering n waiting only to realize we didn’t even make a bid. I really think that’s disgusting n see this only in FSG era. So pathetic. I’m so dersperate for a new non American owner in the near future. Even QPR’s Malaysian owner would have shown some class without being over extravagant or silly. I can’t forget n really want to hide if I were the owners over Dempsey’s case. Making announcement that we have secured Dempsey after the player held out for Anfield move while they don’t bid for him using the age excuse. Things like these happens to several players n clearly rumours spreadn n those are part reason some players were even advised by their counterparts to snub Liverpool. We are lucky to have BR, because I’m not sure other managers would have managed the squad with FSG’s system n policies. It’s worse that the system n policies which the manager have no choice but accept. But all other issue with regards to acquiring news players by way of cheap n frustrating the prospects, soon we will be the club to avoid even with the CL in the picture. Someone needs to wake the Americans up to not tarnish the good name of LFC. They clearly arev clueless of the YNWA concept.

  • njYNWA says:

    It better for lfc looking possible 2 more central defenders if sktel and coates is out, despite enrique lfc have jack robinson as a backup but im dont understand y lfc let andre wisdom go on loan, who will backup johnson on the right side.

  • Eddie scargill says:

    GK: mignolet
    RB: Johnson
    CB: papadopolous
    CB: skho
    LB: sissokho
    CDM: Gerrard
    CDM: wanyama
    CM: Eriksen
    CAM: Coutinho
    CAM: aspas
    ST: sturriage

  • larry holmes says:

    Yes get him anything to booster the squad

  • Idowu adefowope says:

    Pls BR get him, but d money shd not up to 4million, l think it value 2.5million bcos he is a defender, pls lfc get him on time to boast our defensive stronger, we shd leaf jose enrique in dat position, he always having injury and BR shd sign erikson fr ajax b4 another club hijack him, sign both players b4 we start our pre season. God bless lfc fans

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