Why Liverpool should avoid this £12m investment and stand by their man:

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Victor WanyamaLiverpool have been linked to all manner of players this summer, some talented, some underwhelming, some that fit a particular need and some that don’t seem like a good fit at all.

This, of course, is completely natural. It’s how the rumour-mill, a self-maintaining wheel of bullshit, keeps itself spinning. Fake stories abound – that’s just the way it is. But the inability to tell the real stories apart from the fake ones causes a good deal of worry for fans, who see their club get linked to players who they don’t really need.

This must surely have been the case for many Liverpool fans this summer. After all, the club has been linked to a lot of dross (this is perhaps a reflection on how the Reds have fallen in recent years).

But Liverpool’s link to Celtic’s Victor Wanyama is something else. Wanyama is an impressive defensive talent. He’s just not a player the Reds need.

I still hold that Lucas Leiva is one of the best defensive midfielders in world football. If injury problems hadn’t beset him at every turn over the last couple of years, I’m sure the Reds would have placed a lot higher in the respective Premier League tables.

But there are signs that he’s on the mend. Yes, a thigh problem ruled him out for three months last year (this kind of complaint is typical following a previous long-term injury), but he still managed to make 31 appearances. The club even rewarded him with a new long-term deal.

Next year could be the year that Leivas re-announces himself. He could provide the platform on which Liverpool build towards success.

As such, they don’t need to spend £12m on a Kenyan hot-shot, who has limited experience at the top level. They already have the real deal.

I expect big things of Victor Wanyama. His performance against Barcelona last season showed that he has the character to succeed. Whether the 22-year-old is ready to move to a big club is another question.

According to Southampton manager, Mauricio Pochettino, his club are in the running for the Scottish Premier League mainstay: “We manage a lot of information about very good players. One of them is Damiao, also Banega and also Wanyama. (Source: Daily Star)

This strikes me as a good fit for both club and player. Liverpool, on the other hand, should turn their attentions to getting the most out of Lucas Leiva.

What’s your take? Should Liverpool sign Victor Wanyama?

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  • Hazza says:

    Not the most insightful article. Lucas may be a quality player, but Liverpool only have one specialist defensive midfielder in the team. How were Liverpool’s performances with Lucas compared to those without? The stats would suggest we did much better with him in the team. The fact that Lucas has had injury problems and has not yet regained full fitness would suggest some competition and cover for his position would be sensible. You should take into account the above and much more when writing an opinion piece such as this one. Cheers

  • baha says:

    So, by your reckoning LFC would have done much better if only Lucas had remained fit, thereby the logical conclusion is that LFC don’t have a replacement for Lucas or adequate cover in a vital position. Correct?

    And having said that you go on to say that they should not try and sign a player who you believe will be a very good player and has already shown glimpses of being one?

    What a totally ludicrous position!

    I for one agree that Lucas is a vital part of the team. I agree also that Wanyama looks an incredibly gifted player, one who may well dominate opposition midfields for years to come. And that’s exactly why I want them both at LFC. (Besides which, as much as Brendan loves 4-3-3, he will want 2 quality holding midfielders for latter parts of games already won, and perhaps from the start in Europe in a couple of seasons time.)

  • chris emmett says:

    Lucas is a good CDM but sometimes looks weak against the stronger players Victor is one of the players we should definitely be looking at.

  • aa says:


  • Redsim says:

    Wanyama should be top priority now Mkhitaryan transfer has been blown. Not same sort of player but excellent defensive midfield competition and along with Eriksen could help compensate for loosing out on our Stevie G replacement.

    • Towson Tom says:

      The Mkhitaryan transfer as far as I can see was just paper talk. Shaktar have on several occasions indicated that LFC have made no offers, but Rogers has said he would like another defender and one other attacking player. Anything else you read is pure speculation!

  • Ozzy says:

    It would be one hell of a mistake not to get Lucas some cover. Allen or Henderson or Toure are not suitable to cover his position. Maybe Allen or Henderson can develop in to that role but at the moment they are not in the same class with Lucas. It is not a game of who has the best starting eleven anymore. It’s a game of who has the best team of 25 players. We are fairly well stocked at the front six with many players who can fill the spots but at the back and in DM department we are alarmingly thin with no real competition for a number of players.
    Agger, Leiva, Enrique are almost quaranteed starters and everyone of them are known to have problems injuries. The other CB spot is also not adequately filled at the moment. RB is with three good players to choose from. Rest of the transfer window should in my eyes be dedicated to getting defensive players in.

  • innocent ogbonnaya says:

    I think I. Support Hazza.lfc need Toby,Wanyama n an attacking threat.

  • Dd says:



    Luis alberto


  • Wolex says:

    My idea about mkhitaryan is that liverpool and rodgers are fooling themselves not fans,y should rodgers go on procastinating y the spirit of the fans are high.nonsense

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